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Regret Me Not by Danielle Sibarium

Author                        Danielle Sibarium 
Format                       Kindle 
Genre                         Young Adult 
Length                       287 pages
Publication Date      15 June 2014
My Rating                  5 stars out of 5 


For Mackenzie Green life is full of regrets; regrets from choices she made in the past, regrets for the things she’ll never see in her future. She regrets letting her grades slip while her sister was in rehab, ensuring she’ll never break away from the rumor-run, small town she lives in. She regrets breaking up with her future All American football playing boyfriend, Brayden Turner out of fear of getting hurt. Most of all she regrets every decision she made leading up to the night that changed her life forever. 

It’s only after Brayden cuts her off completely that Mackenzie realizes how much she wants him in her life. She’s learns that losing what you love breaks you, but sometimes it’s the only way to tap into your inner strength. 

Can Mackenzie find the courage to learn from her mistakes and move forward or will she spend her days consumed with regrets? Is it too late to convince Brayden she wants him in her life and that she’s in it for the long haul? Most of all, can she accept that sometimes bad things happen no matter how hard you try to protect yourself from them? Can she put it all behind her or will she live an unfulfilled life full of regrets? 


My Review 

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review and would like to thank Danielle Sibarium for giving me this opportunity. 

Kenzie, a High School student is very cautious about making the mistake of getting too involved with any of the boys for fear of ending up the way, her sister Jess did. Jess had a bad experience, where she felt so heart broken that she resorted to means which nearly destroyed her life. 

Brayden is the football hero worshipped by all at the school. When Kenzie is man handled by her date at a celebratory after game party, Brayden goes to check on her when she decides to go out for some fresh air. She is surprised when he approaches her as they had never talked to each other before. Instantly, she puts up her guards, him being the hero of the team and having all the other girls drooling over him. She receives a call from her father about her sister being admitted to a hospital and Brayden offers to give her a lift which she reluctantly accepts. 

When they arrive at their destination, instead of thanking him, she goes on the defensive and is fairly rude to him. This doesn't deter him from going after her to make sure she is alright. She then apologises and they exchange telephone numbers before he leaves. From then on, they develop this beautiful friendship even though, their feelings run deeper than friendship, which they decide to keep from each other for different reasons. 

When they eventually take their relationship one step further, it is time for graduation and Brayden has to move away, whilst Kenzie attends a local college. Even though Brayden has proved to Kenzie that he could be trusted, she decides to break up to allow him to get on with his college life! He is devastated but he respects her wishes, whilst managing to convince her to attend the Homecoming dance with him. 

When they go back to his dorm room after the dance, they find that their feelings for each other is still as strong if not stronger than before. Then something goes drastically wrong and Kenzie pushes Brayden away once again, which appears to push Brayden to the limit. 

From here on, the emotions run really high. I became so involved, that my emotions ran in par with theirs. I wasn’t quite prepared for what transpired when they eventually got back together and thought nothing else could go wrong. I don't really want to say much more so as not to give away any spoilers but be prepared to go on a real emotional rollercoaster. 

I liked the way Brayden supported Kenzie and the strength of Kenzie's character even when she thought that she was weak. I liked the intensity of their feelings for each other but will that be enough to keep them together? There isn't anything I didn't like about this book if anything it is one which I will read again. 

This is the first novel I have read by this author and I can honestly say that it is one of the best YA novel, I have read and would fully recommend to those who like reading a good YA romance. And there is no cliff hanger! 

About the Author 

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