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Review Tour for The Batchelor's Promise (#3 A Batchelor Auction Novel) by Naima Simone

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The Bachelors Promise

by Naima Simone
Bachelor Auction #3
Publication Date: August 29, 2016
Genres: Adult, Entangled: Indulgence, Contemporary Romance

The Bachelor's Promise Cover



Aiden Kent never expected to see Noelle Rana again. He's determined to keep his distance from the beautiful enigma wrapped in denim and leather. He can't trust anyone with the last name Rana. But he made a promise to his dying mother, and it isn't long before Noelle invades his personal space. He can't stop thinking about the exotic beauty's alluring curves.He wants the daughter of his enemy, and he's determined to have her if only for one night.

If Noelle wants to move forward with her life, she must make a deal with the devastatingly gorgeous, broody millionaire Aiden. He made a promise years ago, and she's come to collect even if it means facing down the only man who ever broke her heart. And there's a really good chance hell do it again.

5 Stars

Carrying the burden of guilt, lack of trust and the inability to forgive is the road to destruction. 

Aiden is a self made millionaire. He moved to Boston to put his past behind him. He would rather forget about anyone who is a reminder of his misery, especially the Rana family. 

Noelle is a talented artist. Her life with her father and her brother was far from ideal and she gave up her dream due to the sequence of events. She is now ready to take the leap to go after her dream and moves to Boston to claim what is owed to her. 

Aiden is attending a batchelor auction and the last person he expects to see is Noelle. His first reaction is anger and maybe a little denial! He has always blamed her family for what happened to his mother. Even though Noelle is far from being guilty, he puts her in the same category and he is not going to make it easy for her. As far as he is concerned, forgiveness is out of the question. There is an incident which makes Noelle temporarily homeless. Aiden just happens to drop by to give her the answer to her request and for whatever reason, he offers help. Noelle is suddenly his house mate. The thing is that there is history between them. The awkwardness between them is palpable but so is the heat that burns between them. 

This is a heartfelt romance which holds a myriad of emotions. Aiden is torn between his feelings and forgiveness. Noelle is adamant on not having to rely on any man and stand on her own two feet. The author paints a vivid picture of the relationship between Noelle and Aiden. I was gripped by this story from the first page and taken on a real emotional rollercoaster. I loved everything about this novel and would recommend to romance lovers.

I received an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. 






Billionaire Lucas Oliver is hell bent on revenge. And his plan begins when Sydney Blake the stunning daughter of his enemy is tricked into bidding on Lucas at a bachelor auction. Then he serves up a little blackmail...followed by a marriage proposal Sydney has no choice but to accept.

Sydney has been controlled by her family her whole life. When Lucas threatens to reveal her father's shady business, she is once again forced to do her duty for her family. But worse oh so much worse is the rush of lust that Lucas ignites in her blood.

Lucas is determined to make Sydney suffer, but it's tough when he can't keep from touching her or thinking about touching her all the time. She's not fairing much better since she's engaged to a darkly handsome beast intent on destroying her entire family...along with her heart.


The Millionaire Makeover #2 Cover



He promised to stay away but some promises are made to be broken

Plain-Jane computer programmer Khloe Richardson needs a date one to make the prince of her dreams jealous. Maybe then he'll finally see her as a desirable swan and not the ugly duckling in the second office from the left.

But when she bids on a bachelor at a charity auction, the man she wins is millionaire Niall Hunter who once made intense, passionate love to her and then left without a word. She's determined not to let her guard down again among other things around the infamous Irish lothario.

Niall never imagined his penance for one hot-as-hell night with his best friend's little sister would be transforming her from a shy wallflower to a sultry siren. Helping her attract another man is torture...especially when he promised his friend he'd stay away. Plus, she wants forever, and he's not a forever kind of guy. But Niall can't stop wanting her. Can't stop touching her. Can't stop, period. And damn if he can remember why he has to...



Naima Simone

Naima Simone's love of romance was first stirred by Johanna Lindsey, Sandra Brown and Linda Howard many years ago. Well not that many. She is only eighteenish. Though her first attempt at a romance novel starring Ralph Tresvant from New Edition never saw the light of day, her love of romance, reading and writing has endured. Published since 2009, she spends her days and nights creating stories of unique men and women who experience the first bites of desire, the dizzying heights of passion, and the tender, healing heat of love.

She is wife to Superman, or his non-Kryptonian, less bullet proof equivalent, and mother to the most awesome kids ever. They all live in perfect, sometimes domestically-challenged bliss in the southern United States.


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Review Tour for Betrayed by a Kiss (An Unlikely Hero #1) by Kris Rafferty

Betrayed By A Kiss Tour

Betrayed by a Kiss

by Kris Rafferty
Publication Date: August 29, 2016
Genres: Adult, Entangled: Select Suspense, Contemporary Romance

Betrayed by a Kiss Cover




Marnie Somerville is sure Dane MacLain is just another bad guy. Her job as resident investigator at Whitman Enterprises is to track down the owners of delinquent accounts, but something about Dane's case is off, and Marnie can't resist a good mystery. The secret files and cover-up she finds after hacking her boss's computer are more than she expected, and now she's fleeing her former employer right into Dane's arms.

Former detective Dane MacLain has spent the last year gathering intel against Whitman Enterprises, the company he believes responsible for his wife's death. When a beautiful and intense woman shows up with information, Dane is willing to accept all she has to offer, especially when the help comes in such a sexy package. Caught in a deadly cat and mouse chase, Dane must do everything he can to protect Marnie as they run for their lives.

4 Stars

Dane was a detective until there was a family tragedy which subsequently led to his retirement. He is convinced that his wife's murderer is still on the loose and is determined to obtain the proofs. It's a difficult task as he is always finding obstacles in his way. 

Marnie is computer geek who is very good at hacking into secure systems. She has been leading a rough life since childhood and when she is offered a job by this reputable company, she grabs it with both hands. At last, she can make an honest living. She is responsible for finding fraudulent cases so that they can pay their dues. When she comes across Dane's files, she notices that something is amiss. Wanting to know the truth, she breaks the rules only to find herself in hot water. Someone doesn't want this information to get out! The company is not what it seems. 

Armed with her findings she goes to warn Dane about the possible dangers and now they are both on the run. Being an ex cop, Dane would ideally like to do things by the book but Marnie is averse to cops. She doesn’t trust them. They have to face some difficult and dangerous situations to be able to expose the truth whilst at the same time, Dane is trying to protect his sister and his daughter who has already been traumatised. 

Marnie had developed a fascination for Dane when she was investigating him and meeting him face to face is something else. She can't allow herself to wish for more because of their different backgrounds. Dane finds himself coming alive when he is with Marnie. 

Marnie is selfless and will go to great lengths to protect those she cares about. Dane is protective towards his loved ones and now considers Marnie to be one of them. The relationship between Marnie and Dane is tentative due to Marnie's experience in life. This romance thriller has enough suspense and surprises to keep you guessing right to the end. It's a well rounded storyline with great characters. 

I received an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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Kris Rafferty

Kris Rafferty was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts. After earning a Bachelors in Arts from the University of Massachusetts/ Boston, she married her college sweetheart, traveled the country and wrote books.  Three children and a Pomeranian/Shih Tzu mutt later, she spends her days devoting her life to her family and her craft.


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Book Blogger Survey by Barb Drozdowich

Author                       Barb Drozdowich 
Publication Date      9 August 2016
Genre                         Blogger Survey 

Interested in learning more about the world of blogging and book promotions? 

As the saying goes – get the information right from the horse’s mouth! 

Thirty-eight questions were asked of bloggers in the largest survey of bloggers carried out in recent memory. The answers are shared and analyzed in this book. 

Barb Drozdowich, author of numerous books focused at helping authors and bloggers, repeats her 2012 survey which lead to the creation of her first book – The Author’s Guide to Working with Book Bloggers. Find out what has changed, what hasn’t. Get some tips on the best way to get those coveted reviews from bloggers. 

Pick up a copy of this informative book today and start planning your strategy based on the findings shared. 

The Book Blogger is the result of a survey carried out in 2015. Over five hundred bloggers participated and the results are neatly compiled and indexed at the back of the book. 

When I took part in this survey, I didn't expect to receive this book which came as a pleasant surprise.

This analysis is a representation of bloggers with various degrees of experience. Some have been in the blogger world longer than others and preferences vary. Some book genres are more popular than others. It's quite uncanny how most bloggers have so much in common. Their aims and objectives are more or less the same but their approach to common issues are somewhat different. I found some of the answers to be quite useful and I have picked up some pointers along the way. The indices in this book are good reference points for bloggers and authors alike. 

I admire the author for taking the time to gather, collate and publish the information obtained from those in the best position to supply these answers. So thank you for doing the hard work on our behalves. 

This survey has some interesting and helpful points and I would recommend this book to those with similar interests. 

I received this book, post survey and writing this review in return. 

Social Media and Wordpress Consultant Barb Drozdowich has taught in colleges, universities and in the banking industry. More recently, she brings her 15+ years of teaching experience and a deep love of books to help authors develop the social media platform needed to succeed in today’s fast evolving publishing world. She owns Bakerview Consulting and manages the popular blog, Sugarbeat’s Books, where she talks about Historical Romance.

She is the author of more than 9 books 30 YouTube videos and a beginner WordPress course and lives in the mountains of British Columbia with her family.

"The book is now for sale (99 cents)to the general public - available on Amazon and other retailers and visible on Goodreads. Please take a few moments and share your thoughts on Amazon, Goodreads or your blog to help others find the book and learn about book bloggers.
Although the book is for sale, the main purpose of this book is to share information about the world of book bloggers with as many people as possible. Don't be shy about sharing the book with others - the more we educate, the better our world will be, I think!

I feel passionately about helping authors understand the world of book bloggers. Not only are we a land of voracious and dedicated readers, but we know so much about book promotions -  many of us having years of blogging under our virtual belt!

I am equally passionate about sharing what I can about the blogging world that I love. If you haven't already listed your blog on The Book Blogger List

Please do so and join my database of almost 3000 bloggers. This site gets between 600 and 800 hits every day from authors learning about the blogging world."

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The Whistler by John Grisham

Author                         John Grisham 
Publication Date       25 October 2016
Genre                           Mystery Thriller Suspense 

We expect our judges to be honest and wise. Their integrity and impartiality are the bedrock of the entire judicial system. We trust them to ensure fair trials, to protect the rights of all litigants, to punish those who do wrong, and to oversee the orderly and efficient flow of justice.

But what happens when a judge bends the law or takes a bribe? It’s rare, but it happens.

Lacy Stoltz is an investigator for the Florida Board on Judicial Conduct. She is a lawyer, not a cop, and it is her job to respond to complaints dealing with judicial misconduct. After nine years with the Board, she knows that most problems are caused by incompetence, not corruption.

But a corruption case eventually crosses her desk. A previously disbarred lawyer is back in business with a new identity. He now goes by the name Greg Myers, and he claims to know of a Florida judge who has stolen more money than all other crooked judges combined. And not just crooked judges in Florida. All judges, from all states, and throughout U.S. history.

What’s the source of the ill-gotten gains? It seems the judge was secretly involved with the construction of a large casino on Native American land. The Coast Mafia financed the casino and is now helping itself to a sizable skim of each month’s cash. The judge is getting a cut and looking the other way. It’s a sweet deal: Everyone is making money.

But now Greg wants to put a stop to it. His only client is a person who knows the truth and wants to blow the whistle and collect millions under Florida law. Greg files a complaint with the Board on Judicial Conduct, and the case is assigned to Lacy Stoltz, who immediately suspects that this one could be dangerous.

Dangerous is one thing. Deadly is something else.

This review is based on a four chapter preview, kindly provided by the publisher via NetGalley. 

Lacy is a lawyer and investigator for a board dealing with judicial misconduct. She has been trough a messy relationship and has remained single since the breakup. The staff is thin on the ground in view of cut backs due to the recession. She has a heavy workload which calls for excess hours. 

Hugo is Lacy's partner in a potential investigation in regards to a judge who might be involved in a severe case of corruption. He is happily married with four children and Lacy is a close friend of his wife. 

Myers is an ex lawyer who was caught in an embezzlement case which resulted in a prison sentence and loss of his rights to practice as a lawyer. He appears to have stayed clean since his release from prison and his license has been reinstated. He is the middleman for his one and only client who wishes to file a claim against a judge. This judge is allegedly involved with estate realtors and the mafia in illegal dealings and making more money than any known case of corrupted judges in the country. 

Lacy and Hugo take on the case which raises a lot of questions and could be potentially dangerous. They are not trained to deal with such cases as their remit is to investigate and deal with judicial felony. This sample definitely piques the interest in the development of the plot. This looks to be as intriguing as the previous work of this author and has 
the makings of another hit. Exciting stuff! 

Available for Preorder 
In Hard Back 
EBook & Audio

Long before his name became synonymous with the modern legal thriller, he was working 60-70 hours a week at a small Southaven, Mississippi, law practice, squeezing in time before going to the office and during courtroom recesses to work on his hobby—writing his first novel.
Born on February 8, 1955 in Jonesboro, Arkansas, to a construction worker and a homemaker, John Grisham as a child dreamed of being a professional baseball player. Realizing he didn’t have the right stuff for a pro career, he shifted gears and majored in accounting at Mississippi State University. After graduating from law school at Ole Miss in 1981, he went on to practice law for nearly a decade in Southaven, specializing in criminal defense and personal injury litigation. In 1983, he was elected to the state House of Representatives and served until 1990.
One day at the DeSoto County courthouse, Grisham overheard the harrowing testimony of a twelve-year-old rape victim and was inspired to start a novel exploring what would have happened if the girl’s father had murdered her assailants. Getting up at 5 a.m. every day to get in several hours of writing time before heading off to work, Grisham spent three years on A Time to Kill and finished it in 1987. Initially rejected by many publishers, it was eventually bought by Wynwood Press, who gave it a modest 5,000 copy printing and published it in June 1988.
That might have put an end to Grisham’s hobby. However, he had already begun his next book, and it would quickly turn that hobby into a new full-time career—and spark one of publishing’s greatest success stories. The day after Grisham completed A Time to Kill, he began work on another novel, the story of a hotshot young attorney lured to an apparently perfect law firm that was not what it appeared. When he sold the film rights to The Firm to Paramount Pictures for $600,000, Grisham suddenly became a hot property among publishers, and book rights were bought by Doubleday. Spending 47 weeks on The New York Times bestseller list, The Firm became the bestselling novel of 1991.
The successes of The Pelican Brief, which hit number one on the New York Times bestseller list, and The Client, which debuted at number one, confirmed Grisham’s reputation as the master of the legal thriller. Grisham’s success even renewed interest in A Time to Kill, which was republished in hardcover by Doubleday and then in paperback by Dell. This time around, it was a bestseller.
Since first publishing A Time to Kill in 1988, Grishham has written one novel a year (his other books are The Firm, The Pelican Brief, The Client, The Chamber, The Rainmaker, The Runaway Jury, The Partner, The Street Lawyer, The Testament, The Brethren, A Painted House, Skipping Christmas, The Summons, The King of Torts, Bleachers, The Last Juror, The Broker, Playing for Pizza, The Appeal, The Associate, The Confession, The Litigators, Calico Joe, The Racketeer, Sycamore Row, and Gray Mountain) and all of them have become international bestsellers. There are currently over 300 million John Grisham books in print worldwide, which have been translated into 40 languages. Nine of his novels have been turned into films (The Firm, The Pelican Brief, The Client, A Time to Kill, The Rainmaker, The Chamber, A Painted House, The Runaway Jury, and Skipping Christmas), as was an original screenplay, The Gingerbread Man. The Innocent Man (October 2006) marked his first foray into non-fiction, and Ford County (November 2009) was his first short story collection.
Grisham took time off from writing for several months in 1996 to return, after a five-year hiatus, to the courtroom. He was honoring a commitment made before he had retired from the law to become a full-time writer: representing the family of a railroad brakeman killed when he was pinned between two cars. Preparing his case with the same passion and dedication as his books’ protagonists, Grisham successfully argued his clients’ case, earning them a jury award of $683,500—the biggest verdict of his career.
When he’s not writing, Grisham devotes time to charitable causes, including most recently his Rebuild The Coast Fund, which raised 8.8 million dollars for Gulf Coast relief in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. He also keeps up with his greatest passion: baseball. The man who dreamed of being a professional baseball player now serves as the local Little League commissioner. The six ballfields he built on his property have played host to over 350 kids on 26 Little League teams.

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Soul of a Gardinian (#4 A Gardinian World Novel) by Kelsey Jordan

Author                       Kelsey Jordan 
Publication Date      23 August 2016
Genre                         New Adult Paranormal Romance 

Trevor was the son of gods, but a life of privilege was far from his reality. After a childhood of abandonment by his parents and routine abuse by his peers, trust is a foreign concept. And relationships? Not happening. 

Marked by Death’s Reaper, Krystiana is thrust into a world where the gods are real, a war is being waged unbeknownst to humans, and her stalker can’t be killed. Despite the reality she is slowly dying, Krystiana fights to keep what remains of her humanity. 
Forced together by his father, Trevor and Krystiana have to decide if what they have is strong enough to make it through the day Death comes for them all.

This is the the fourth instalment of the "Gardinian Novel World" . The previous book was splendid and this one is just as enticing. 

Trevor is the son of the god, Death. He was abandoned by his parents as a child and brought up by his grandparents. He now feels that he is unloved and that anyone who gets close to him is after something because of his lineage. Being bullied as a child hasn't helped either. He is a dedicated doctor and his two cousins are the only ones he allows to get close to him. He hasn't had his first shift as a Lycan as yet, something he dreads because of what comes with it. He doesn't want a mate either but might not have a say in the matter. 

Krystiana lost her dad at a young age and somehow her mother blames her for the accident. Her soul is tainted by an evil Reaper who wants her for himself. He torments her through her dreams. He is vicious and persistent. She is also very alone since she lost her sister who was very close to her. It's a matter of time before she loses her soul and humanity. It's a burden that she carries with the determination to keep what's left of her humanity.

Trent, Trevor's father aka Death has noticed the anomaly in Krystiana's make up. She is one of a kind and the only person who can help her is Trevor. He is mortified when his father "dumps" Krystiana on his doorsteps. He likes his own company whilst he allows his cousins Ryder and Gabby to visit. When he discovers the torment that Krystiana is going through he agrees to help her but there are conditions. They train together and are comfortable in each other's company despite their apprehensions. There is an attraction which they both deny. Their relationship is strictly platonic. Krystiana is not Lycan and Trevor doesn't want a relationship. Can they escape fate? 

The battle between the Lycans and the Hunters continues. When there is a violent attack on the Pack, killing someone she considers to be a good friend, Krystiana embraces her power at the risk of losing herself. She is set on rescuing Trevor. Losing another friend is out of the question! She then goes on to rescue someone else and everything takes a downward spiral. Lives are lost. Friendships are broken. The Gods are furious. Punishments are imposed relentlessly. Krystiana finds herself alone once more. She is ridden with guilt and loss. Trevor is angry and resentful but soon realises what Krystiana means to him. Can they overcome what fate has dished out?

This novel starts off a little slow but once it gets going, it's hard to put down. Trevor and Krystiana are strong and determined characters. I like the way their relationship evolves. Lykil, the God of Destruction shows a different side of himself but he is still one of my favourite characters. 

Soul of Rocky is a compulsive read. There is so much going all and yet everything falls nicely into place. It's action packed. There is love and loss. Lust and passion. Violence and bloodshed. It ends on a good note but at the same time it left me wanting for more. I look forward to reading the grand finale and hopefully find out more about Lykil. I would fully recommend this series to all lovers of the paranormal. 

I received an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

Kelsey Jordan is the author of The Lycan Hunter, the first book in her Gardinian World series. Though she has a preference for all things paranormal and romantic, Kelsey admits she just writes what her muse demands of her. It’s less painful that way. When she isn’t enjoying the momentary benefits of playing god to the many characters that live in her head, she can usually be found curled up with a book, killing something in a video game, or spending time with her family. At some point in the day she is probably drinking more than her recommended dose of coffee, but don’t tell her that. She doesn’t care about recommended servings.

As a Texas native and self-described Air Force brat, Kelsey now lives in Georgia with her husband and their tutu-wearing minion.