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The Belgrave Legacy by Zara Hoffman - New Release

Author: ZaraHoffman

Genre: YA Paranormal Romance

Release Date: October 31, 2016
Publisher: ZH Press

About the Book

A Reluctant Heroine. A Snarky Angel. A Big Mess.

Fawn doesn't believe in magic. But when she is unexpectedly thrust into the middle of an ancient feud, she must learn to control her powers.

Caleb is sick of Hell. But when a simple seduction becomes complicated by real feelings, he is forced to pick between keeping his past or fighting for his future.

Can this young witch navigate a dangerous world with the dark angel assigned to romance and seduce her by her side?

The Belgrave Legacy is an upper-young adult paranormal romance novel with a feminist twist. Filled with magic, witches, angels, demons, Zara Hoffman's "coming of age" story will keep you turning the pages until the very end.
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4 Stars
🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 


He patted her back. “Come on. It’s better to walk it off. Besides, there’s a good restaurant around the corner. You like Thai, right?”

“It’s one of my favorites,” she said. “But I assume you probably already knew that.” Guardian angels knew everything, right?

“Always polite to check.” He held the door open for her and they were immediately seated at an empty table away from the outside chill.

He pulled out her seat and draped her coat over the back. Fawn straightened her spine, his proximity causing a tingle to dance over her skin. Why did he always have this effect on her? What made it worse was he didn’t even seem to notice.

“I’ve never been here, but I hear good things,” he said, interrupting her inner monologue. “You can get whatever you want. I’m treating.”

“Does that make this a date?”

His eyebrows rose and Fawn wanted to smack herself. Way to let me down, mental filter.

“It can be… I would like it to be,” he immediately amended, “but I didn’t want you to feel like I was rushing into things too quickly. It’s entirely up to you, Fawn. It would be remiss of me to put my wants above yours.”

“I would, too, but I’m sorry. I’m not normally that forward. We’ve only known each other for a few days. Maybe this should be just a dinner between…” she gestured between them, but couldn’t find an accurate description for their bizarre relationship.


Her gaze locked with his in surprise. “Are we?”

“I may be your angel, but I hope you can eventually also view me, at the very least, as someone you can confide in.”

What was she supposed to say to that? She cleared her throat. “I would like that.”

“Then this is a simple dinner between friends.” He gave a reassuring smile. “Let’s not think about anything else tonight.”

Fawn nodded and was grateful when the waiter chose that moment to approach their table.
Caleb watched Fawn carefully. She was so unlike the other girls throughout the years, even ones he met from his small town back when he was still human. She was incredibly intelligent, straight forward, but simultaneously shy and innocent, and something else he couldn’t name.

She had surprised him by broaching the subject of a possible romantic relationship. In the past five hours, she had initiated contact and allowed him to make more headway than in the past five days. Caleb had no idea what was making her so agreeable, but whatever it was, he hoped it continued until he was done with his mission.

“I would ask you what your major is, but since I already know…”

She smiled. “Yeah, the psychology bug bit me. I think I got it from my mom.”

“What do you enjoy doing in your free time?”

“Nothing in particular. I haven’t found a passion yet.”

“You will eventually.”

“Sometimes I doubt that. Most of my other friends already know what they want to do with their lives and I just… don’t.”

The disappointment in her voice and aura urged Caleb to reach out to her and take her hand across the table. He was surprised to feel real emotion over her indecision. He mentally shook it off. “I’m positive you’ll do great things.”

She gave a small, weak smile. “Thank you, Caleb.”
It was the first time she had called him by name and he felt a shiver run down his spine. “You’re welcome,” he answered. And he meant it.

“I feel like we’ve been talking about me the whole time. Tell me more about yourself.”

He opened his arms. “I’m an open book. What do you want to know about me?”

“How did you become an angel?”

“You could say I was picked for the job when I was still a human.” It was a stretch, but she didn’t know that.
“So much for being an open book,” she quipped, leaning back as disappointment and feigned disinterest transformed her body language.

“I’m willing to share anything else, but we aren’t allowed to share the specifics of our creation. Otherwise all sorts would be clamoring for the chance to become like us, or worse, attempt to transform themselves and rival those selected by God himself.”

He saw her sit up straighter. “Like Lucifer’s army?”

“Those were fallen angels who were originally in God’s service,” Caleb corrected. He hesitated, unsure of whether he should go on. “But yes, the Devil does sometimes create dark angels to do his bidding.”

“Do you run into them often?”

Caleb detected a hint of concern and nodded solemnly. 

“They often roam the Earth pretending to be humans and stir up trouble. When they stay invisible, they whisper bad thoughts and feelings into unsuspecting victims’ ears and minds.

“Even if someone’s guardian angel is around?” He heard her mentally add, That’s ballsy.

“We are not permitted to engage in combat unless we receive direct orders to.” Caleb almost laughed at how easily he was impersonating a light angel and how many times he had engaged in fights over the years. “We can’t violently defend our charges against words or change anyone’s behavior. Only tend to our charges and try to persuade them against the poisonous words of demons. The only time we can take action is if there is a bodily threat to the person we are protecting.”

“Does that get frustrating?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I know when I read and characters do stupid things, I sometimes want to smack them with their own books. I think I’d lose patience very easily if I were in your position. How do you do it?”

“I’m sure a lot of us originally felt that way. I certainly didn’t believe I could do what was expected of me when I first started.” He smiled at the half-truth. “It gets better with time and lots and lots of practice.”

“What’s eternity like?”

“There’s always something new, but seeing the cycle of fads is also interesting. When I was a human, I never imagined I’d ever get the chance to see society truly move forward. It’s amazing, really.”

“Does it ever get lonely?”

He tilted his head as he considered her question. “At times,” he quietly admitted. “Losing people to time is never an easy thing to accept, but when your own life is extended and theirs aren’t—” he paused. “They say time heals all, but it doesn’t quite account for the fact that new wounds are constantly being formed.” He saw Fawn watching him with sympathy and cleared his throat. “How’s your meal?” He noticed she had barely touched it, probably because she was spending so much time questioning him.

It was only a small gesture, but it woke something in him, making him want to pull her in and kiss her. He shook his head. Strange. He couldn’t remember the last time he felt true desire for a girl, much less one of his assignments.

They ate the rest of the meal in comfortable silence, and every so often he would catch her watching him out of the corner of his eye. He never let her know he knew, not wanting to embarrass her, and let her look her fill.
At the end of dinner, he paid the check, pulled out her chair, and walked her back to the dorm after she expressed her dislike of magic travel. He had lightly teased her about it, but relented. He wanted to make a good impression, not make her resent him.

At her dorm, he took her hands in his and said, “Goodnight, Fawn.”

“Goodnight, Caleb. Thank you for everything tonight.”

“My pleasure. I hope we will repeat the experience.” He turned and began walking away. He could feel her gaze on him and looked back, waving once, before using magic travel to return to his home in Hell.
He went straight to the throne room and said, “She’s hooked.”

Lucifer smiled. “I would expect nothing less.” His expression turned serious. “Tonight you’re going to start training with Bernael.”

“Why? She won’t be able to do black magic yet. She barely even knows magic, period. How do you expect her to do anything when she doesn’t even know the basics?”

Lucifer leaned forward. “Because he’s going to teach you a crash course on magic so you can act the sage with Fawn when you start teaching her.”

Caleb opened his mouth to ask more questions, but the Devil waved his hand and he found himself in the courtyard across from the intimidating demon whose red eyes blazed with dark glee.

“Ready to begin?”

About the Author

Zara Hoffman is a college student and has been writing since she was eight years old. She spends most of her time doing homework and writing new stories because if she didn't, her head would likely explode. She writes YA multi-genre fiction to share the crazy products of her imagination with the world and hopes that you find them as entertaining as she does. Her books are for young adults or the young at heart. After all, growing up is overrated.

When she isn't wrapped up in projects, Zara listens to music or hangs out with friends. As an avid reader, Zara loves writing book reviews for her favorite books. 

She is a PR intern at Inklings Literary Agency. 

She is also the founder of Our Hope Is Here.

Don't Wake me Up by M.E Rhines

Author                      M.E Rhines 
Publication Date    3 November 2016 
Genre                       Young Adult Paranormal 

He’s charming, funny, and incredibly hot. The only problem is, he’s a ghost.
When the chaos of school, her over-reactive mother, and her abusive boyfriend gets to be too much, sixteen-year-old Colleen turns to astral projection to escape it all. In the sanctuary of the astral plane, she mingles with the lost souls of the departed. They all need help to move on to the Summerland, and Colleen never turns down a spirit in need. 

Until she meets Daemon.

With just a glance, Daemon makes her forget all the turmoil back home. The calm is welcome and addictive, but Colleen knows the peace he offers will leave with him once he crosses over, forcing her to make a desperate decision: sever her ties to her physical body, or sabotage his salvation.

This young adult novel is an interesting rendition of Astral Projection and Summerland. 

Colleen is sixteen years old and lives with her overprotective mother. Her two best friends are Eva and Lilly. She is a country girl at heart but had to move to live into town after a disastrous accident. She is a "drifter", someone who can travel between two worlds and assists the spirits on their way to Summerland. 

Jimmy, a football star is Colleen's boyfriend. He has quite a temper and doesn't bow down to anyone.

Colleen developed the ability of astral projection after the drastic acccident before she moved from the country. It's not something that she can talk about and if her mother doesn't believe her, who would? Eva is about the only one who is aware of the true extent of her out of body experiences. 

After one of the football matches, Colleen and Jimmy have an argument which turns physical. Colleen's mother takes the appropriate measures but Colleen is so smitten that she makes excuses and refuses to see Jimmy for who he really is. 

Astral Projection is a form of escapism for Colleen and after the episode with Jimmy, she decides to take a trip to the other side. Besides helping the departed, she has her own motives to visit Summerland. On this occasion, she meets Daemon, her next ward. He doesn't know quite what's happening to him and Colleen takes on the role of guiding him. The two of them become quite attached to each other. They start an easy friendship which leads to a romantic relationship but will living in two different worlds work? 

As the story unfolds, Jimmy shows more of his true self to the point where Colleen finds herself in mortal danger. She also finds out who her true friend is by uncovering that one of them has betrayed her in the worse possible ways. Daemon has to face his own reality. Colleen sees a different side to her mother. Everything falls nicely into place. A well crafted story with a worthy heroine. 

I really like the concept of this story. It's different, intriguing, captivating, dramatic and romantic. The transitions between the two dimensions are very well described and the characters are well portrayed. It's not just about astral projection either. There is a strong message about intimidation and abuse. This would appeal to paranornal lovers of all ages. 

I was kindly issued with an eARC by the author. This is an honest review.

To be Confirmed 

ME Rhines a southwest Florida native currently living in North Port with her two beautiful children and a third, much larger child whom she affectionately calls husband. 
She writes young adult paranormal romance to feed her belief that fairy tales are real and nonsense is necessary.

She also writes adult romances under her edgier alter-ego, Mary Bensen. 

Her Unexpected Engagement (#2 Checkerberry Inn) by Kyra Jacobs


Her Unexpected Engagement
by Kyra Jacobs
Checkerberry Inn #2
Publication Date: November 7, 2016
Genres: Adult, Entangled: Bliss, Contemporary Romance





Sometimes you've got to fake it til you make it

Stephanie Fitzpatrick wanted out of the spotlight after her pro-golfer husband was caught on camera cheating. But when she returns to Michigan for a job interview and some much-needed R&R, a fib told by her well-meaning sister has her looking for a temporary fiancΓ©, or she can kiss her new start good-bye.

Desperate to hide the truth, she goes to the one man who can help, her former best friend.

Miles Masterson is relieved to see the Checkerberry Inn beginning to thrive once more. Not only does it ease his mind about his grandmother's financial future, but also about his decision to finally escape town. But then one all grown up and sexy as hell friend from the past shows up needing rescue. Now the temptation to change the temporary arrangement into something more is making it harder to think about leaving.

Each book in the Checkerberry Inn series is a standalone, full-length story that can be enjoyed out of order.

4 Stars

This is a novel about best friends and second chances.

Miles runs the family Inn alongside his grandmother and cousin. He feels "stuck" and is having itchy feet and wanderlust! He is all set for a job interview which will give him what he wants if he is offered the job.

Stephanie is disillusioned as her marriage has just devolved due to her husband's indiscretions. Her ex being a pro golfer, this affair went public and Stephanie is being hounded by the press. Her sister arranges a job interview to give her a much needed break and a chance to regain her confidence.

Stephanie and Miles are old time friends and they bump into each other, literally, when she goes to check in at the Inn. She has sworn off men after her ordeal with her ex but now that she has reconnected with Miles, she is unable to get him off her mind. Miles has been carrying the torch for Stephanie forever but past experience has taught him that there is no happily ever after. Besides, getting involved with Stephanie can only lead to pain and she is the last person that he would hurt. She has been through enough!

It just so happens that Stephanie's sister told a white lie to the prospective employer. Stephanie is engaged! She can think only of one person who she can trust to play along as her pretend fiancΓ©. Can they keep up the pretense or will they have enough courage to address what should have happened ten years ago?

I like the comfortable camaderie between Stephanie and Miles. They understand and support each other. It's a sweet romance which shows that true love prevails but I would have liked to have seen a little more of what happens in the epilogue.

I was kindly issued with an eARC from the publisher via NetGalley. This is an honest review. 






Sometimes it's not the destination, but the detour...

Kayla has the perfect strategy for a broken heart: work, work, and more work. Then a storm sends her car skidding off the road, stranding her in Mount Pleasant. Fortunately, rescue comes in the form of the incredibly handsome but gruff Brent Masterson. And he's hot enough to tempt Kayla into doing something she never thought she could do...

Brent Masterson swore he would never give into the fierce attraction that's been sizzling between him and Kayla since they first met. He has his own demons, and he won't risk his heart again. Not even for someone as gorgeous and amazing as Kayla. exactly did he end up in Kayla's bed last night?

But sometimes all it takes is an ice storm to show two broken hearts the way home. 




Kyra Jacobs is an extroverted introvert who writes of love, humor and mystery in the Midwest and beyond. When this Hoosier native isn't pounding out scenes for her next book, she's likely outside, elbow-deep in snapdragons or spending quality time with her sports-loving family. Kyra also loves to read, tries to golf, and is an avid college football fan.

Be sure to stop by her website to learn more about her novels and ways to connect with her on social media.




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Buried Secrets by JC Valentine - Cover Reveal


Buried Secrets

by J.C. Valentine
Publication Date: November 29, 2016
Genres: Adult, New Adult, Mystery, Thriller, YA, Suspense




How do you live with yourself when you don't even know who you are?

On a chill October night, a girl goes missing setting the small town of Oakridge on edge. James has spent the last five years running from a past that still haunts him to this day. Now he finds himself thrust back into a life he thought he left behind. Finding out his new home may be haunted and reconnecting with an old friend while being thrust into a murder mystery, James finds himself trying to figure out which end is up while questioning his own sanity.

**AUTHORS NOTE** Buried Secrets is a New Adult, mystery thriller with very little romance but heavy on the suspense.




Fall crept in like a burglar while the town slept. It brought with it a chill that felt refreshing after one of the hottest summers on Oakridge record. A slight, sticky fog hung in the air and evidence of Halloween was on nearly every doorstep in the form of carved jack-o-lanterns. Skeletons hung on doors, and festive orange lights draped roofs. Leaves coated the ground, wet and matted to the sidewalks and streets.

James breathed in the cool air that stung his nose just a bit. He loved when school let out at the end of the day. He never could wait to get out of the confines of the small, overcrowded classrooms. Even now he couldn't fully escape it. Classmates of his walked and ran the same mile stretch he was, laughing and talking about anything and everything. Right now, he knew the junior high girl and her friend from his science class walking a few feet behind him were debating the hotness of Tommy Henderson, the varsity basketball player for Oakridge High. Everyone knew him, and everyone loved him. He was going to take the team to the championships. Probably would graduate and take some college to their championship, too. Something the whole town could be proud of.

They met a few years ago when James was playing in the woods. AJ found him digging for worms, he'd been on a mission, wanting to teach himself how to fish, to live off the land like the people from ancient times, and he'd offered to help. AJ had run off, leaving James to sit and wonder where he had come from, he hadn't heard him approach in the first place. He returned cupping a handful of water in his palms. He'd dumped the liquid in the hole James had dug, and moments later, worms began squirming to the surface.

They became fast friends. James kept their friendship a secret. He wasn't sure why exactly, except that AJ was his only friend, and he wanted to keep him all for himself. If he told someone, they might want to meet him, then the magic might go away. So they spent all that summer collecting worms and pretending to be hunters in the deep woods behind Oakridge Park. When summer break was over and school was back in session, James was disappointed to find that AJ wasn't in any of his classes. In fact, he wasn't in any classes in the school. No one heard of him.

He finally broke and told his mom and dad about him one evening over dinner, because he was worried about AJ and needed to share him with someone, so he could feel close to him again. Like if he kept him a secret, and didn't see him, then he wouldn't be real anymore. It was an odd way to look at it, he knew, but he hadn't ever had a friend quite like AJ. He was fun and daring and super inventive, and he liked James, flaws and all.

So when he told his parents about AJ, they were happy for him. His mom said he probably just missed him in the halls. The schools weren't huge, but they were big enough to lose someone in. His dad said that AJ probably just went to a different school. Maybe in the next town over, since no one knew him here. That settled it for a bit, and the next time James saw AJ, which was at the park just after sunset one evening when James was on his way home from skipping rocks in the small stream in the woods, he asked him about it. AJ had told him that both theories were wrong. He lived a few miles west through the woods and his mom homeschooled him. He said his dad did some sort of factory work in the next town, which was just enough to pay the bills and put food on the table, according to him. It was only then that James realized AJ didn't wear the best of clothes, and he wasn't as kempt as James was. But that didn't make any difference to him. In fact, he felt closer to AJ than ever before. Finally, he had found someone who would never judge him. Someone who could truly understand him.

So when Mercy Worthington fell into step with him, James's heart beat a rapid tempo and his stomach turned to knots.

"Hi," she said in a very delicate, but cheerful voice.

James stared at the ground and muttered a hello, but he couldn't get up the nerve to really look at her.

"I'm Mercy. You're James, right? James Clearwater. I think my dad works with yours at old man Jensons. He does the proofs, doesn't he?"

James nodded. His dad worked at Jenson Design Studio where he developed photographs in one of the two darkrooms. His dad had big dreams of one day owning his own studio and becoming a famous photographer. Mercy's dad was a set designer. James knew everything there was to know about Mercy and her family, and not just because the whole town knew who her family was, but because he paid attention and took notes. James was in love with Mercy Worthington, and had been since the third grade when she'd taken a job behind the lunch counter for a day and handed him a carton of 2% with that big, white smile of hers trained squarely on him. She was a senior at the high school, which made her five years older than James, who was thirteen now and in the seventh grade.

Today, like every day, she was radiant. Her dull blond hair waved gently behind her as the breeze caught it and when he found the nerve to look up at her, he found her green eyes smiling on him.

He was going to marry her one day.

"I thought so," she said, grinning. She took in their surroundings. "Do you take this route every day?"  He nodded. "I've never seen you, and I walk this way every day. How come I've never seen you?" 

He shrugged." I dunno." He felt awkward and short on words. He stuffed his hands in his pockets.

"You don't talk much, do you?"

He glanced at her and caught her teasing smile. He smiled back, feeling a little of the tension leave his shoulders. Why was she being so nice to him? A part of him felt like this must be a trick, but when he looked around, he only saw other kids from school walking silently or in small groups or pairs, chatting quietly. Could she really be interested in him? The only kids besides AJ that talked to him were the ones who poked fun of his clothes or his haircut, his slight lisp or the way he tripped over his own feet. She probably just felt sorry for him. He had heard of that before, girls who felt sorry for the underdog and took pity on them. Normally, he would get mad at being a charity case, but right now he couldn't care less. Someone other than his family knew he existed. Mercy Worthington knew he existed. Suddenly, he didn't feel like a shadow slinking around in the world unnoticed anymore.

"So how long have you lived in Oakridge, James?" Mercy asked, as they crossed the street.

"My whole life," he replied.

She nodded. "Do you have any friends? I never see you with anyone." 

He shrugged." Some." He didn't want to look like too much of a loser.

"What about a girlfriend, do you have one of those?"

He felt himself blush. "No." 

" I know what your dad does for a living. So what does your mom do?"

"She likes to garden, but no one pays her for it," he said. His dad was old-fashioned and believed that the wife should be home with the kids while the husband went out and provided for the family.

"That's cool," she said. "My mom is a painter. Sometimes she sells her art to the museum or to some person with lots of money. She's pretty successful. I was thinking of painting when I get out of college. What about you? Do you know what you want to do after college?" 

Honestly, James wasn't sure he even wanted to go to college. His dad never pushed the notion, insisting that he wouldn't amount to much more than a gas-station  attendant anyway. He wanted to be an astronaut when he was little, like most boys that age did, then he switched to a fireman after a class field trip to the fire station in fifth grade. Now, he just wasn't sure what he wanted.

"I'm not sure," he said honestly. "Maybe I'll just travel across the world for a while and live off the land until I figure it out."  That had been a dream of his and AJ's, to hitch rides all over the country with nothing but a backpack and a few dollars in their wallet.

Her face lit up with excitement. "That is so cool that you said that. I always dreamed of seeing the world, but my dad said that education comes first. I will have all the time in the world to do what I want after I get my ducks in a row." 

James wasn't sure he believed that, but he kept his mouth shut.

Heavy footsteps approached from behind and moments later a big, strong arm wrapped around Mercy's shoulder. Tommy Henderson had arrived.

"Hey, babe." Tightening his grip on her neck, he pulled her in for a sloppy kiss.

"Hey," she said when she came up for air. "Tommy, this is James. His dad works with my dad. He's going to travel across the world one day."  She said this with a grin that made James stomach flutter a little.

Tommy sized James up, and James knew he was trying to figure out where he knew him from. James knew him from the many times he accidentally knocked his books from his hands, and inadvertently tore up his homework. James was afraid if he recognized him, he might have to endure another embarrassing moment involving colorful adjectives and descriptive threats, and he just didn't want to be made a fool of in front of a girl like Mercy Worthington.

He hung his head, allowing a few scraggly scraps of hair to shield his eyes.

"Travel the world, huh? Like a hobo or something?" He laughed, his deep, belly rolling chortle that made all the girls weak in the knees. James thought it made him look and sound stupid. "What are you hanging out with this joker for? He's like two feet tall. I could smash him with my pinkie." 

James felt his finger press down on the crown of his head in demonstration.

" Hey," Tommy said, putting himself between James and Mercy. "You trying to steal my girlfriend?" 

" Stop picking on him, Tommy," Mercy snapped.

Tommy sneered at James, then his features smoothed, and he turned on a smile for Mercy. "Whatever you say, babe. Just making sure the boy understands there's no competition. You're my girl, aren't you, babe?" 

Mercy rolled her eyes. "Of course, Tommy." 

They had come to a fork in the road where James' house was to the left and Mercy's to the right." I'll see you around, James," Mercy told him, smiling apologetically.

"Yeah, see ya," Tommy said, then ruffled James hair like he was some little kid.

James watched after them as they turned and walked off. After a few feet, Tommy turned to face James. And, James. James raised a questioning brow. "Stay away from my girl." 

Mercy punched Tommy in the side playfully, and he laughed, tugging her closer as they resumed walking. James felt his body begin to shake. He was angry. At that moment, he wanted to beat Tommy Henderson until his arms were too weak to continue. For the first time in his miserable existence, James thought he felt angry enough to kill.

As the sun set, the day turned bitter cold, and the rain had moved in. It was sheeting down now, and Mercy's shoes were soaking wet as her feet beat through every puddle. She was running, the rain pouring down her face in rivers, filling her eyes and blinding her to her path. Someone was chasing her.

She'd decided to walk home after an evening at her boyfriend, Tommy's, house, and almost as soon as she rounded the first street corner, she felt someone following her. The shadowy figure kept pace for a couple of blocks, then steadily picked up pace, until Mercy broke out running, and so did they.

She was crossing the park playground now, and she could just make out the hill ahead. Her house was just over that hill, and if she could make it, she could get help. As her feet slipped, trying to find purchase on the soft, mud covered ground, Mercy could feel her muscles begin to cramp and burn with exhaustion. Against her will, she was slowing. When her feet hit the loose bark covering the playground, Mercy did slip. She caught herself with her hands and scrambled to her feet, pushing herself harder until she finally reached the bottom of the hill. There she used her hands, her fingers digging into the grass, and pulled herself up until she could look over and beyond to her house. The lights inside were a warm beacon, and she felt a sudden urgency come over her.

As she came to her feet, Mercy heard a muffled thud, and glanced over her shoulder. It was a mistake that she wouldn't live to regret.

The shadow stood before her, and to her surprise, she recognized the dark figure.

"What do you want from me!"

A visual sweep revealed something big and heavy looking in their hand, and with quick precision, the shadow raised its arm high in the air and brought it down hard. A slow trickle of blood broke through her hairline and ran down her forehead, then her face and dripped off her chin. A second blow caused it to grow thicker and run faster and Mercy fell to her knees, then finally her face, where her eyes focused and glazed over and her breaths faded away to nothing. And still the shadow hit her, until all the fury, all the anger subsided.  

Her last vision was that of the warm yellow glow coming from the living room window where her mother and father, sister and brother sat watching the evening news and waiting for her to come walking in the door any moment.

Stooping down, the figure wrapped its cold, wet fingers around Mercy's ankles and pulled, slipping frequently under the girls slight weight as it dragged her lifeless body into the copse of oak trees beyond the playground. Come morning, when the sun broke through the clouds, children would run and play, never knowing the horrors of what happened just a short distance away.





JC Valentine

J.C. Valentine is the USA Today and International bestselling author of the Night Calls and Wayward Fighters Series and the Forbidden Series. Her vivid imagination and love of words and romance had her penning her own romance stories from an early age, which, despite being poorly edited and written longhand, she forced friends and family members to read. No, she isn't sorry.

J.C. earned her own happily ever after when she married her high school sweetheart. Living in the Northwest, they have three amazing children and far too many pets and spend much of their free time together enjoying movies or the outdoors. Among the many hats she wears, J.C. is an entrepreneur. Having graduated with honors, she holds a Bachelors in English and when she isn't writing, you can find her editing for fellow authors.

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Gangster Moll (#2 Gun Moll) by Bethany-Kris and Erin Ashley Tanner - Cover Reveal


Gangster Moll

by Bethany-Kris & Erin Ashley Tanner
Gun Moll #2
Publication Date: November 14, 2016 
Genres: Adult, Mafia Romance, Interracial Romance, Erotic Romance



As a newly Made Capo in the Pivetti Crime Family, all eyes are on James Mac Maccari, and not for a particularly good reason. The way to his new position in the family was paved with blood, and that left some all too suspicious of where, or who, he might be going after next. Mac isn't interested in playing to the politics of other Made men or Cosa Nostra. His only goal is to keep his promise and be waiting for his gun moll when she's finally released from prison.

Until all hell breaks loose  again .. . . 

Fresh off her six month sentence, Melina Morgan is all too ready to get back to life, and Mac. The mafia life has been one learning curve after another, but with Mac at her side, there's nothing that they can throw at her that she can't handle. Even with a ring on her finger, and a new last name to go with it, Melina won't be domesticated. But with a man like Mac, he wasn't exactly looking for that kind of a woman, anyway.

Sometimes, wedding bells bring bloodstains .... 

When directed attacks start to happen, taking the lives of some of the highest Made men in the Pivetti family, distrust and unrest begins to breed throughout the ranks. Someone is making a move on the boss's seat, and it seems far too easy to put the blame at Mac's feet when every single attack is somehow connected to him. All over again, Mac and Melina find they're fighting an uphill battle to keep each other safe and survive.

But this time, they might not be fighting alone .....




Mac Maccari wasn't a three-piece suit kind of man. He much preferred the comfort of dark-wash jeans, a T-shirt, and combat boots to wear while handling his daily business. It was a comfort thing, and a heat thing.

Glaring up at the bright sun in the sky as he crossed the street as quickly as he could, Mac swore he was melting under his suit. It was an unusually warm Summer for New York. It was almost always muggy during the season, but this year, Mother Nature decided to kick that shit up a notch.

Mac was less than impressed.

It probably didn't help that the majority of his day was spent running to and from different locations as he handled his crew and what the men were doing at any given time.

But  it was what it was.

And he was damn good at his job.

Mac supposed that if he wasn't good at being a Capo, he'd already be dead. At least, for the time being, he had that going for him.

The heat wave, however, could go to hell.

Tugging his jacket off, Mac slipped into the business at the very end of the block, tossing the coat over his arm as a cool blast of air from the air conditioner smacked him straight in the face. He soaked in the cold air as he glanced around the place, taking in the woman behind the counter, talking animatedly on the phone and snapping a large wad of gum in her mouth at the same time.

She didn't even look like she noticed him standing there, for fucks sake.

Mac didn't mind.

He wasn't here to see her, anyway.

Pulling his phone out of his pocket, Mac searched for the message he'd been left earlier in the day. Infinite Insurance, ask for Ronnie, it read. A few other details had been included, but Mac figured those weren't important until he found Ronnie.

Mac had come to find out, over his last few months as a newly appointed Capo for the Pivetti crime family that Luca Pivetti had little to no patience for people who owed him something. It didn't matter what it was, money, action, or a word. If a person owed him, he expected them to pay accordingly.

Maybe even a little more simply because he was kind enough to do business with them.

As the boss, it was Luca's due.

Mac didn't question why his boss hadn't simply sent an enforcer over to the place to handle his shift, that wasn't his place. He just did what the boss wanted done.

Bypassing the receptionist without so much as a hello, Mac strolled to the back of the insurance bankers business, finding a hallway with several offices. All had glass windows for walls, letting him see the men and women inside, sitting behind desks with either a phone to their ear, or clients inside the offices.

Thankfully, plaques were attached to each door, names boldly inscribed on each one.

Mac found the Ronnie he was looking for mid-way down the hallway. The heavier-set gentleman was alone inside his office, from what Mac could see through the window, and didn't seem to be tied up with a phone call as he was busy sorting papers.

That was going to suck when he had to clean up the mess later.

Mac couldn't find much remorse for what he was about to do.

Business was business after all.

Cosa Nostra business was even tougher.

It simply couldn't wait.

Mac didn't bother to knock on the office door, but rather, turned the knob and walked right in, depositing his jacket on one of the two chairs meant for clients.

The insurance banker, Ronnie, glanced up, startled, at Mac's sudden appearance. If Mac had to guess by the wrinkled dress shirt, the messy hair, and the tired gaze, Ronnie had some shit on his mind.

He was about to get more.

"You can't just barge in here," the man started to say. "Clients make appointments." 

Mac reached over and twisted the blinds closed on the window, no one could see in now. He locked the door, ensuring no one would walk in during the  meeting.

Turning back to face the man he'd been sent to see, Mac offered a wide-eyed Ronnie a smile. Cold as it was, Mac figured the guy would take this better if he was a little loosened up before the actual warning came about.

Ronnie started to stand from his desk, confusion writing heavily over his features. "Who in the hell are you?" 

" I'm not important," Mac said, rolling up the cuffs of his dress shirt.

Blood was a bitch to get out.

Maybe he'd avoid the few splatters that might occur, if it were possible.

But probably not.

"But Luca," Mac continued, shrugging like it didn't make a difference. "Now the boss and his money is a whole other story." 

For the first time since Mac entered Ronnie's office, he saw the first trickle of genuine fear light up the man's eyes.

"I-I have his" 

" They all say that," Mac interrupted, knowing what the man was going to say.

Bullshit excuses.

Another stall tactic.

"Fact is," Mac said, keeping an eye on Ronnie in case he grabbed for something to attack with,  "you're two weeks late, according to the boss. And he was nice enough to fund your little project because apparently, you go way back. Now you're ducking and dodging Luca like it's what you do for a living."

Mac chuckled, waving around at the office.

"Clearly, you work in another business, and you're not very good at the ducking and dodging game," Mac finished with another smooth, cold smile.

"Let me call Luca," the man said quickly. "Please, we're friends. Hell understand, I'm sure." 

Mac sighed.

Luca didn't care who a person was, friend, family, or enemy.

If someone owed him something, they owed him.

" Just let me make this easy," Mac said. "You've only got to bleed, after all. Nobody says you're going to fucking die from it. Now, if you make it hard on me, that's going to be a problem, and it'll probably hurt a lot more. Do us both a favor here, and let me get this over with." 

Ronnie opened his mouth to say something, his gaze darting to the windows, the door, and then to Mac.

Mac knew that look. It was the look of a man trying to find his way out.

Well, he had news for the guy.

"Make a single sound, and I will cut your tongue out," Mac said quietly. "There is nowhere to run, and very few people left in the building. So unless you want your associates to know how you've been doing underground business with a mafia boss, I suggest you let me do what I came here to do." 

Simple, right?

Mac knew it would be, it always was.



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James Mac Maccari's career in the mafia is at a standstill. As the best solider in his Capos crew, all he wants is to be noticed enough to get Made in the Pivetti Crime Family. But instead, his Capo's interests seem more focused on keeping his solider hidden from the boss, and every other Made man he can. Seemingly stuck right where he is with no chance of going up, Mac doesn't know what will finally get him the attention he needs to earn his button.

Until she shows up and all eyes are on them

Melina Morgan survives, that's just what she does. She's never been able to depend on anyone but herself to keep her safe and get things done. When a chance encounter puts her in a bad situation with the cops and the mafia, Melina has no choice but to put her faith in the hands of a man that not only infuriates her with his cocky arrogance, but catches her interest, too. Playing pretend in a fake relationship with Mac doesn't seem all that terrible, until pretend turns real and bullets start to fly.

A man is nothing without his woman

When the attention on Mac and Melina turns from bad to worse, and someone in the Pivetti Crime Family decides the couple needs to go, they know they're fighting an uphill battle alone. But making it to the end alive means Mac could get what he's always wanted, and Melina might find what she didn't even know she needed.

Together, they'll make waves the mafia has no choice but to notice. 


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Bethany-Kris is a Canadian author, lover of much, and mother to three young sons, one cat, and two dogs. A small town in Eastern Canada where she was born and raised is where she has always called home. With her boys under her feet, snuggling cat, barking dogs, and a hubby calling over his shoulder, she is nearly always writing something  when she can find the time.

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Erin Ashley Tanner

Erin Ashley Tanner is the creator of stories featuring fierce females and the men who love them.

Erin is the author of Goddess of Legend, the first in her Demi-God Daughters paranormal romance series. The follow up, Goddess by Chance was released in November 2014.

Dirty Little Secrets, a light organized crime romance was released in June 2015. Her next release, an Organized Crime Romance, Devious Little Lies is scheduled for release in June 2016.


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