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Hit the Ground Running - Mark Burley

Author                                 Mark Burley 
Publication Date                25 April 2017 
Genre                                   Young Adult Mystery

Eric might not be getting along with his family—or anyone else, for that matter—but if you ask him, boarding school in another country was uncalled for. So be it. Do the time and get out. Flow like water. But when his parents are abducted because of a secret research project they tried to leave behind, Eric realises they weren’t punishing him, they were hiding him. And now they’re gone. Angry and determined, Eric goes after them, with only vague clues about the project to go on. He learns it involves something they found on a dig in Northern Africa, an artefact used by an ancient civilisation in some kind of ritual. Eric has seen too many strange things in the world to disregard talk of powerful objects, but he doesn’t care about a prize. All he wants is his family back. 

His only option is to go through with a plan that could also expose the truth—a truth that could change the meaning of what it is to be human. Unfortunately though, some secrets have a way of revealing themselves . . . at all the wrong times.

The first installment of this Young Adult trilogy is a fascinating and compulsive read. It contains Anthropology, Archeology, Mythology, Science with some historical and cultural aspects which all blend in beautifully. Romance is in the air! Friendship and family dynamics are very much at the forefront. 

Eric is resentful of being shipped off to boarding school. He is fearless and excellent at parkour. His resentment creates some distance between him and his parents, until he receives a video clip from his older brother Michael. 

This video has him worried about his parents who appear to have gone missing. Michael is not available either. Eric decides to investigate and hopefully find out about what happened to his family. It all boils down to a discovery from one of his parents' project. There are those who want the secrets of this artefact and the ritual that goes with it. 

Tess is an art student who offers to help Eric in his quest to discover the truth. She introduces him to Seth and Lakey. Inseparable twins, joined at the brains! They are adrenaline junkies and technical geeks. Together they start to fit the pieces to this puzzle and the adventure begins. 

The enemies are ruthless in their pursuits and will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. Soon Tess and Eric find themselves in one dangerous situation after another. 

This story is full of mystery, action and suspense. It's very well documented and the characters are well developed and believable. Eric and Tess are fabulous lead characters. Seth and Lakey are full of enthusiasm and their skills are incredible. They are a bundle of laughter too. Then, there is John who has this mystical air about him. 

I was compelled by this story from beginning to end. The mysteries sure give food for thoughts. I like the pace, the descriptions and the suspense. It's a brilliant storyline and it ends on a fairly good note but at the same time leaves more question marks. I can't wait to learn more about Michael's and his parents' involvement. 

It's superb and would appeal to readers of all ages. Loved it. 

I was kindly issued with an eARC from the publisher via NetGalley and the views expressed are my personal opinion. 

Mark is originally from Truro, Nova Scotia. His parents were teachers, which means he could have grown up around books, and he did, but mostly he marked biology tests for his dad and dissected whatever they had for dinner (true story). He attended Dalhousie University in Halifax to do his science degrees and continued to cultivate the writer seed planted as a kid. He’s always been involved in high-level sport, as an athlete through university and as a coach afterward, and he maintains that sport has given him the chance to succeed in art, something he’s sure he couldn’t have done otherwise. As a result, though, he eats the same breakfast every morning and he always puts his left shoe on first—bad things will happen if he doesn’t.

Mark and his wife live outside Halifax with their two children. Books are big in their house; Mark’s favourite thing is Bedtime with Ry (come on, Mom, who can sleep during the Quidditch World Cup?). As a reader, he's always been slow, preferring to savour, which drives his wife nuts—she’s a devourer. He is often drawn to books that are beyond his ability to comprehend, which is only frustrating when the words aren’t beautiful. He also has an unnatural attraction to chai lattes. It’s a problem. He’s okay with it.

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Wicked Abyss (Immortals after Dark) Kresley Cole

Author                         Kresley Cole 
Publication Date        25 April 2017 
Genre                           Adult Paranormal Romance 

This fairy tale doesn’t end with a kiss… A spellbinding Immortals After Dark tale from #1 New York Times bestselling author Kresley Cole!

The terrifying king of hell...

As a boy, Abyssian “Sian” Infernas had his heart shattered by a treacherous fey beauty who died before he could exact vengeance. Millennia later, a curse has transformed him into a demonic monster—just as she’s been reincarnated. Sian captures the delicate but bold female, forcing her back to hell.

Meets his match.

Princess Calliope “Lila” Barbot’s people have hated and feared Abyssian and his alliance of monsters for aeons. When the beastly demon imprisons her in his mystical castle, vowing revenge for betrayals she can’t remember, Lila makes her own vow: to bring down the wicked beast for good.

Can two adversaries share one happily-ever-after?

As Calliope turns hell inside out, the all-powerful Sian finds himself defenseless against his feelings for her. In turn, Lila reluctantly responds to the beast’s cleverness and gruff vulnerability. But when truths from a far distant past are revealed, can their tenuous bond withstand ages of deceit, a curse, and a looming supernatural war?

In Wicked Abyss the build up to the Ascension continues. The Sylvan Fey and Pandemonia are at the centre of this instalment. Another step towards the Ascension.

Abyssian, known as Sian is the King of Hell. He is going through a physical transformation, turning him into a beast. It's a curse for which he has yet to find the solution. Besides ruling his Kingdom, he is hellbent on revenge for having his heart broken a millenia ago.

Calliope, Lina to her friends is a Sylvan Fey who is betrothed to Saetth, the Fey King until she is accused of treason against the crown and banished to earth.

Lina is adapting very well to be her new life and still hoping to go back to her beloved Sylvan. She hasn't heard a word from Saetth during these thirteen years and he turns up out of the blues. Hope blooms inside Lina, thinking that at long last she can go home but Saetth sends her on a mission impossible. At least that’s what he thinks!

Sian has heard that Lina is the reincarnation of the one who betrayed him and sets about getting his revenge. She is abducted and is now in hell where he intends to put her through well... hell. Literally! She doesn't remember anything about her previous life and therefore oblivious to the reasons for her harsh punishment. He is so blinded by his revenge that he doesn't listen to her or see beyond what's in front of him.

He soon realises that she is not just a "wallflower"! She does her best to thwart his plans despite being at an extreme disadvantage. Her efforts soon piques his interest and he wants to see how far she will go. He is only fooling himself as he is just as enamoured now as he was all those years ago. When he makes an effort to go easier on her, he is surprised at her reaction. They are both surprised! They start to get along but the secrets and lies are always looming at the back of their minds. Aaand, these inadvertently resurface and all their chances are blown to hell! Can Sian forget about the past and start anew? Will Lina be able to forgive and forget?

This instalment doesn't disappoint. It's a sheer delight. The chemistry between Sian and Lina is off the charts. There are some frustrating moments and some laugh out loud ones. Their battle of wits is something else. The sex is explicit and the myriad of emotions is quite palpable. Wicked Abyss is as captivating and compelling as the other books in the series. I can't wait to see whose story will be be next. I am also keen to see the further developments towards this impending battle as it's also one of my favourite series.

Kresley Cole is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the electrifying Immortals After Dark paranormal series, the young adult Arcana Chronicles series, the erotic Gamemakers series, and five award-winning historical romances.

A master’s grad and former athlete, she has traveled over much of the world and draws from those experiences to create her memorable characters and settings. 

Her IAD books have been translated into 23 foreign languages, garnered three RITA awards, a RWA Hall of Fame induction, and consistently appear on the bestseller lists, in the U.S. and abroad.

Kresley Cole lives in Florida with her family. 

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Diadem of Death (#2 Nefertari Hughes Mystery) - BR Myers

Author                        BR Myers 
Publication Date       25 April 2017
Genre                          Young Adult Mythology 
                                      Mystery  Romance 

Nefertari “Terry” Hughes is looking forward to spending the school break with her boyfriend, but when her archaeologist father announces he’s working on a project that will take him to Egypt, all hopes of having a romantic summer are buried.

Terry accompanies her father to Alexandria where she’s reunited with her first crush, Awad—all grown up and an expert in translating hieroglyphics. He confides that the team is in a race to find Cleopatra’s lost tomb before a secret band of rebels steals Egypt’s last Pharaoh and her diadem.

But sabotage and a deadly accident put everyone on high alert, and Terry isn’t sure whom to trust. As the line between ally and enemy begins to blur, Terry has to keep her wits about her and figure out who wants the diadem badly enough to kill.

Diadem of Death continues with the quest of finding and accessing Cleopatra's resting place. It's back in Egypt to decipher the hieroglyphics uncovered in the sarcophagus from the previous excavation. 

Nefertari aka Terry was chosen to guard Cleopatra's asp and with this comes power. She is now a "superhero" who acts as a vigilante. 

Having travelled for most of her life, she has finally found a home in the small town of Devonshire. Zach is her steady boyfriend and Maude and Fraser have become her best friends. She is happy and settling well in her new life. 

Her father, the curator of the museum has uncovered some glyphs which might well lead to what his family has been been trying to achieve. They receive an invitation from Prince Kamal to go to the excavation site in Egypt for further exploration. 

Terry, Fraser and Maude accompany them and they come across their first challenge at the airport. Upon arrival in Egypt they have to work with Dr Elnadi and his daughter Meera. Terry is reunited with Awad, her first crush. They rekindle their friendship but it would appear that Awad wants more but Terry is not so sure! 

The chain of events during the excavation proves to be dangerous. The guides are scared off by the fear of a curse as some of them become sick. Terry becomes ill too and her powers that she has kept a secret from the Egyptian crew start to wane. Some of the artifacts disappear and the site itself is being compromised. Nothing is as it seems! It would appear that there is a traitor amongst the midst and knowing who to trust becomes even harder. The Illuminati is a secret organisation and its real objective is quite obscure. Anyone on the site could be a member! Cleopatra's diadem is the key to the burial place and it's also the root of all the problems. 

Initially, I found Terry to be careless with her powers but as time goes on, she becomes wiser. Maude and Fraser remain loyal and supportive. Terry's father is overprotective even when he wants to complete this difficult task. Awad is very knowledgeable and valued by the doctor. Whilst everyone seems to be above board, anyone of them could be the traitor. 

This second instalment is even more complex than the first one. Danger is everywhere. Lives are threatened. False accusations are made. Tough decisions have to be taken. It's full of mystery, suspense and humour too. There is supernatural magic. The twist at the end is quite a revelation. Especially the reasons behind the actions. I like the conclusion but would like to see more of Terry and her friends. What's in store for her in the future? It's an exciting adventure which I would recommend to other readers. 

I was kindly issued with a complimentary eARC from the publisher via NetGalley and the views expressed are my personal opinion.

Always in the mood for a good scare, B.R. Myers spent most of her teen years behind the covers of Lois Duncan, Ray Bradbury, and Stephen King. Her YA contemporary coming of age novel, GIRL ON THE RUN, was chosen by the Canadian Children's Book Centre as a BEST BOOK for TEENS for 2016.

When she's not putting her characters in awkward situations, she works as a registered nurse. A member of the Writer's Federation of Nova Scotia, she lives in Halifax with her husband and two children—and there is still a stack of books on her bedside table.

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Redeeming Ryker by Kelly Collins - Book Blitz

Redeeming Ryker
Kelly Collins
(Boys Of Fury #1)
Publication date: April 24th 2017
Genres: New Adult, Romance

Imagine finding out that everything about your life is a lie.

Imagine falling for the man who thinks he killed you. 

Imagine having to remain dead so you can keep him.

Twenty-four-year-old Ana Barrett knows who she is. She’s a struggling artist, a loyal friend, an orphan raised by loving grandparents. After a string of unlucky events leaves her homeless, broke, and alone, she receives a timely gift from her deceased grandmother—a house in Fury, Colorado. It’s a gift guaranteed to change her life in ways she can’t imagine.

Ryker Savage has always known who he is. He’s a brother, a friend, an orphan, and a murderer. One decision made twenty years ago altered the future of an entire town. At twenty-eight, he’s done his time, paid his dues, and wants to be left to his misery.
When Ana arrives in Fury, she changes everything he thought he knew. His light becomes dark, his dark becomes light, and his truth becomes the lie he’s lived forever.

Ana’s future hangs in the balance. Ryker’s future is carved from his past. Destined to have the two collide, can there be a chance for a future together?


I opened the door and stepped onto the porch. A soft wind swirled around me, bringing the scent of him. That was Ryker, clean and fresh and strong. A tinge of smoke wafted in on the breeze, and I scrunched my nose. That wasn’t Ryker, or at least I didn’t think it was. “You smoke?”

He pushed off the trunk of the enormous oak tree and tossed his cigarette to the ground, smashing it with the toe of his boot. Out of the shadows, he stepped in front of me. “Generally no. But when I’m stressed, yes.” He dropped his head as if shamed.

I don’t know what compelled me to touch him, but I couldn’t resist laying my hand on his chest. I felt his heart thumping under my fingertips. “What stresses you?”

“Everything stresses me. Sheriff Stuart. This damn house. This damn town. It all stresses me the fuck out.” He kicked at the dead grass under his boot. “You stress me out.”

“Me?” I gripped the edge of his jacket. “Me? Why?”

His gaze lasered into me. “When you dropped me off, I went upstairs and tried to sleep, but I couldn’t. I’m fighting with myself.” He reached for my cheek. His fingers sure and able. His touch soft. “I want you.” He threaded his hand through my hair. “I know if I have you, I’ll destroy you. I destroy everything I touch.”

He leaned closer and then stepped back, but didn’t drop his gaze. Didn’t drop his hold.

I leaned in. I wanted him closer. I wanted the kiss he was denying me.

“Fuck it, I’m weak when it comes to you.” He pulled me into his arms, and his lips crushed mine with a ferocity I’d never experienced. I tried to throttle back the dizzying current that raced through me, but it was no use. If Ryker was intent on destroying me, I was a willing victim.

Author Bio

Kelly Collins writes with the intention of keeping the love alive. Always a romantic, she is inspired by real-time events mixed with a dose of fiction. She encourages her readers to reach the happily ever after but bask in the afterglow of the perfectly imperfect love.

Kelly lives in Colorado at the base of the Rocky Mountains with her husband of twenty-five years, their two dogs, and a bird that hates her.
In her spare time, she enjoys walking the trails and visiting the mining towns like Cripple Creek. She likes to think it's the ambience that brings her there and not the amazing slot machine in the back of the casino.

In the winter, you'll find her tucked into herseat at The World Arena cheering her beloved Colorado College Tigers Hockey Team. After several losing seasons she knows there's a win coming soon. Kelly is no fair weather fan.

She has three amazing children, and she wonders how they all turned out to be engineers when only the creative side of her brain seems to work. She just chalks it up to the engineering genes her husband contributed to the mix.
Creative minds need an outlet and writing books is where she focuses her excess energy.


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Drakon's Prey (#2 Blood of the Drakon) - NJ Walters

Author                          NJ Walters 
Publication Date         24 April 2017 
Genre                            Adult Paranormal Romance 

Valeriya Azarov turned her back on the family business to write and illustrate children’s books. But with a sister who leads the Knights of the Dragon, it’s impossible to get away from the secret society whose mission is to destroy and enslave dragons. When information falls into her hands along with the opportunity to save at least one of the ancient creatures, she can’t turn away any longer.

When a woman moves into the cabin above Tarrant Cooper’s secret underground lair, he’s both suspicious and intrigued. He hasn’t lasted four thousand years being careless, so when he suspects her of being a part of the Knights, the plan is to kidnap her and find out how much the organization knows about him and his brothers.

He’s drawn to Valeriya, but trusting her could get him killed. Even if she’s a pawn in the war between drakons and Knights, giving her his heart would mean forever.

I really enjoyed reading the first book in this series and Drakon's Prey is just as exhilarating. The Knights of the Dragons and Templar are still hunting down the Drakons under the guise of protecting the humans! Their real reasons? Greed and power! Interestingly, they might look like they are in collaboration but there is no shortage of backstabbing within and outside each organisation. 

Tarrant is a Drakon, one of four brothers. He is a hoarder of communications and after everything that happened to Darius in book one, his main goal is to gather as much information as possible on the Knights. No more hiding as it has come to a point where they have go on the offensive if they want to survive. 

Valeriya is a children's author and comes from a long line of Knights. Her sister is their leader but she finds the whole thing inhumane and stay out of this business as much as she can. Until now! 

When Valeriya overhears a telephone conversation and stumbles on some information which could help the Drakons, she decides to take action. She takes a chance and travels to the location where she hopes to alert whoever resides there of the impending danger. Unbeknown to her, everyone of her movements is being watched. Tarrant doesn't miss a thing and although he is intrigued by her, he is suspicious of her visit. She is also unaware that she is being followed but she manages to give her persuers the slip. She has a gift that she has kept secret from everyone. 

She makes the decision to return and wait. Tarrant seizes this opportunity to kidnap her and if she is working for the Knights, he would get any information he can out of her. He finds himself attracted to her and she isn't really afraid of him either. Cautious, yes! She too is unable to resist her attraction for him and the chemistry between them is sizzling hot. There is no getting away from this intense feeling but trusting each other is not so easy. 

Valeriya is now thought to be missing and the Knights can't afford for her to land in the wrong hands and she is relentlessly persued. Tarrant is not prepared to sit back and allow anything to happen to her and as cautious as they are, they face mortal danger on more than one occasion. Will the Knights and Templar succeed in their mission? 

Tarrant and Valeriya are very endearing. They are down to earth and logical in their thinking, except when it comes to protecting each other, then all bets are off. Rationale goes out the window. Their interactions are intense and sweet at the same time. 

This story has a nice steady flow. It's full of danger, suspense, betrayal, humour and is very sexy. I was completely invested from beginning to end. I like the dynamics between Tarrant and his brothers. Ezra's and Nic's personalities are worlds apart and I would love to read their stories. 

I received a complimentary eARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

N.J. Walters is a New York Times and USA Todaybestselling author who has always been a voracious reader, and now she spends her days writing novels of her own. Vampires, werewolves, dragons, time-travelers, seductive handymen, and next-door neighbors with smoldering good looksall vie for her attention. Its a tough life, but someones got to live it.