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The Funeral Flower by Michelle Jester - Review Tour

The Funeral Flower
Michelle Jester
Publication date: June 20th 2017
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult

Devastated by the death of her grandfather, six-year-old Kelly Rodgers barely manages to cope with the profound loss. Already facing issues at school, she finds herself spiraling deeper into despair, when a fateful interaction through the fence in her backyard gives her hope. In the years following, Kelly realizes that life’s tragedies can be dealt with through acceptance; until another series of agonizing events leaves her heart in pieces.

Finding herself thrown into new surroundings, Kelly embraces her life and resolves to never fall in love. That decision is easy to keep until her junior year when she is drawn by an unavoidable attraction to the new guy, tormented James Delaney. The moment he looks up at her and smiles, her body betrays her. And he notices. She is determined to avoid him, but soon Kelly is forced to face the inevitable truth: She doesn’t want to avoid James… and he won’t let her.

Even though tragedy always follows love.

This book is intended for mature audiences due to critical subject matter.

Note: Due to mature content recommended for Ages 17+

4 Stars 
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The Funeral Flower is about the trials and tribulations of the transition between childhood and adulthood. 

Kelly is six years old, when she attends her grandfather's funeral. She was very close to him and coming to terms with the loss at such a young age is difficult. Her grieving process proves to be confusing. She is already going through other difficulties at school. 

Her older sister, Audrey is her best friend and very supportive, even though she is not so much older. Kelly's escape is her dolls and the garden. This is where she meets Ty over her neighbour's fence. He is of similar age to her and he brings her some comfort. They become good friends and look forward to their meetings. When an inevitable change comes along and her family moves away, she is heartbroken as she hasn't been able to say goodbye. This is when she decides that she is not going to get close to anyone else. She already thinks the worse of boys through her school experience and her mother's lectures. 

As she grows up, she starts to become more confident and at sixteen she is quite comfortable in her skin. She avoids getting too involved with any of the boys until James comes along. One look is all it takes! Even then, she tries to avoid him as much as possible, but he is always nearby. He, himself has been through a lot. He is devoted to his divorced mother and younger brother who is perceived to be abnormal and gets bullied. They don't stay in one place for long for that reason. 

The connection between James and Kelly is undeniable and they stop resisting the attraction. Their relationship is one that most young loves dream of. There is another drastic change and on top of being separated from James, Kelly finds herself in another difficult predicament. She has to make a tough decision, bringing heartache and disruptions in her family and social life. She is now more determined to guard her heart until she has a chance meeting with Matthew. They develop an amicable relationship, but her heart still lies with James. There is a beautiful twist here! They have no secrets and understand one another. It's not enough though, Matthew is in a similar situation to her. Can they make the most of what they have or will they still crave what their hearts desire? 

Kelly gains strength from what she has experienced and dedicates her time to those who are in need of someone to talk to. She is compassionate, patient and understanding. 

Going on this journey with Kelly brings about the reality of love, loss and growing up. It's intense and emotive. It's a well portrayed and gripping story. It gives food for thought! It has a rewarding conclusion, which reinforces that sometimes things are meant to be. It's a beautiful storyline, but be aware that there are some delicate and difficult issues. 

I was kindly issued with a complimentary ecopy of this book and the views expressed are my personal opinion. 

Author Bio

I am a hopeless romantic (I think this is the most important thing to know about me). In addition, I live in Greenwell Springs, Louisiana with my husband and high school sweetheart. Together we have a son and daughter.

Throughout my life writing and photography have been my main creative outlets. Especially when I am stressed, I know I can go to either of those things and pour out that anxiety into something good and productive.

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