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Perfect Love (#2 Perfect) Amanda Cowen - Review Tour

Perfect Love
Amanda Cowen
Publication date: February 27th 2017
Genres: New Adult, Romance, Sports

The story that started with PERFECT SENSE continues…

Cash Brooks held a secret from Quinn that destroyed any chance they had at a happy ending.

Everything she believed their relationship to be was a lie.

Quinn left heartbroken for Harvard, unable to stop loving him even though she knew his past ruined any chance they had at a future.

Now, she’s in Boston completing her MBA and learning to move on without the only man she ever loved. Starting over isn’t easy… especially when an unlikely circumstance pulls her into Cash’s world once again. The truth will come out, hearts will be broken, and Cash will have to battle the mistakes from his past and fight for a second chance to be with the woman he loves.

Their love isn’t perfect, but will it be enough for Quinn to learn to trust him again? Or will the burden and mistakes from his past keep them apart forever?


I enjoyed reading Perfect Sense, but Perfect Love drew me in right from the start. It's a beautiful duet with a beautiful finish!

After that awful disaster at the end of the first book, Cash and Quinn are both struggling with the outcome.

Cash is trying hard to stay on top and prove himself, but unfortunately, his inability to open up is sending him back to some of his old ways.

Quinn is putting on a brave face too, but fighting an internal emotional turmoil.

Even though, deep down, they live in hope, they become more and more aware that the likelihood of getting together again is a remote possibility. Quinn is thrown into a situation where she has to see him. She doesn't expect the effect this would have on him. Another disaster follows and she is put in an awkward position. In some ways, it's a blessing in disguise!

This time round, Cash tells Quinn about his dark secrets. Their feelings are still very strong and their struggle becomes unbearable. Can they get past what's happened and put things to right?

I wasn't sure about Quinn in the first installment and I had a soft spot for Cash. This installment reinforces the way I felt about Cash and sheds a different light on Quinn's behaviour. They are both tormented souls. Cash, even more so than Quinn. The odds are stillness against them, but they don't give up as easily this time.

Although, this installment brought tears to my eyes, I enjoyed it so much more than the first one. Cash and Quinn complement each other so well and the unconditional love is palpable. It's quite an emotional journey, which shows that love can prevail. I will definitely be reading this one again.

I was kindly issued with an eARC and the views expressed are my personal opinion.

Author Bio

Amanda Cowen can be found eating cupcakes, singing off-key, or watching a good RomCom when she isn’t trapped on her computer writing stories and delighting her imagination. She has been writing since the ripe age of twelve about ponies and princesses in brightly colored duo-tangs with metallic pens. Thankfully, she now has a Mac with a keyboard where she can write about love, sex and relationships. She is an “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” fanatic, a hater of roller-coasters and a country music junkie. She lives in Thunder Bay, ON where the summers are short and the winters are long.

Her next Contemporary Romance/New Adult Fiction novel TAINTED (The Wyatt Series #1) will be available in Summer 2014.

Amanda would love to hear from her readers. Contact her via her website, www., become a fan on Facebook, follow her on Goodreads, or visit her blog.

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