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The Year of The Knife by GD Penman - Excerpt Tour

The Year of the Knife
G.D. Penman
Published by: Meerkat Press
Publication date: 28 November  2017
Genres: Adult, Thriller, Urban Fantasy

Agent -Sully- Sullivan is one of the top cops in the Imperial Bureau of Investigation. A veteran witch of the British Empire who isn’t afraid to use her magical skills to crack a case. But Sully might need more than a good education and raw power to stop the string of grisly murders that have been springing up across the American Colonies. Every one of them marked by the same chilling calling card, a warning in the form of a legion of voices screaming out through the killers’ mouths: -It IS tHe YEAr oF the KNife.-

Sully’s investigation will drag her away from the comforts of home in New Amsterdam, the beautiful but useless hyacinth macaw that used to be her boss, and the loving arms of her undead girlfriend, in a thrilling race against time, demonic forces and a shadowy conspiracy that will do anything to keep its hold on power and ensure that Sully takes their secrets to her grave, as soon as possible.

G.D. Penman’s imaginative The Year of the Knife is a fun, fast-paced urban fantasy mystery with an engaging set of characters, most notably Agent Sully of the Imperial Bureau of Investigation.


Sully left her apartment, headed for the subway and another day of the relentless grind. When she stopped at a group seagulls on the sidewalk, they parted in front of her. All except one, which stepped forward and looked up at her. That was not your regular bird behaviour. Sully glanced back at the men in uniforms over by the flood wall. Not one of them was paying the blindest bit of attention, so she met the seagull's gaze and nodded across at an alleyway. The gull fluttered off and she followed at a discreet distance, shaking her head at the sorry state of affairs she found herself in. In the alleyway, the seagull waddled around behind some bins, and Sully politely looked away when she heard the tell-tale sound of tearing skin. A perfect golden-skinned woman rose up from behind the bins, completely nude—untroubled by the sea breeze, and absent of anything resembling shame. The woman nodded to Sully and held up a hand in greeting.

Sully groaned. “You know that you people have an embassy. You don't have to keep turning into animals and sneaking over here every time you want to share information.”

The woman shrugged, the movement setting things into motion on her toned body. Sully had to quickly correct her drifting eyes. In all of Sully’s limited dealings with the Native Americans, she had never met one that wasn't beautiful. Maybe aesthetics were how they picked their police and spies, as those had been the only interactions Sully had with their neighbours to the west. 

When the woman spoke, her accent was soft, almost musical. “If we use the channels that your Empire demands, then it is obvious that we are the ones telling you things. This is unacceptable to our own people, so we must make these compromises. I must fly across the land you stole from us as a filthy scavenger bird. You must have meetings between buildings with women who wear no clothes.” Noticing Sully's blush, the American woman tutted. “Look before you strain something. I do not know why your people have such a strange fascination. 

They are for feeding babies.”

Sully grumbled but still didn't look down. “What are you here to tell me that you aren’t really telling me then?”

The woman bent to pick up the tattered skin of the seagull lying on the ground and folded it over her hand before coming closer and lowering her voice. “Your manitou has attacked our people, too. Your body thief. It took one of our people near to the border. It killed many people and we could not understand its words. A translator who had dealings with your kind came and told us what it spoke of. A year of knives. A return from a place of exile. When it became aware that we were not of your Empire, it left. It killed the one that it rode. My people thought it justice to keep this from you. I think that your troubles always overflow your borders.”

Author Bio

G D Penman writes Speculative Fiction. He lives in Scotland with his partner and children, some of whom are human. He is a firm believer in the axiom that any story is made better by dragons. His beard has won an award. If you have ever read a story with Kaiju and queer people, it was probably one of his. In those few precious moments that he isn’t parenting or writing he likes to watch cartoons, play video and tabletop games, read more books than are entirely feasible and continue his quest to eat the flesh of every living species.

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The Christmas Cowboy Hero by Donna Grant - Release Blitz

Get in the spirit of Christmas with this brand new, Stand-alone romance from Donna Grant!

Grab your copy Today!





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'Tis the season for ex-Navy SEAL Clayton East to come home for the holidays-even if the mood at home is anything but festive. His father is ill. The East Ranch is in financial trouble. And now it's on Clayton, the prodigal son, to make sure his family doesn't lose everything. Headstrong Abby Harper is like a mother to her younger brothers, who she's helped raise since she was a teenager. Keeping them in line is no small task while she's also working toward her college degree. And now that one of her brothers has been arrested for stealing cattle at the East Ranch, Abby is at her wits' end. But there is a silver lining: Clayton East. He believes in second chances, and is willing to give one to her brother this Christmas. Letting beautiful Abby-and the inescapable longing in his heart-off the hook, however, is a whole 'nother story. Could it be that the woman of this local hero's dreams has been back at home all along? Contains mature themes.


5 Stars 
🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 

The Christmas Cowboy Hero is about two strangers meeting in the most unlikely place and under the most unusual of circumstances. Can it be fate? 

Clayton left his tour of duty as a SEAL and couldn't face returning home. A family tragedy changed him when he was only a little boy. War has changed him even more.

Abby has been living on the breadline since she was a teenager. She is a mother, sister and friend to her youngest brothers, Caleb and Brice. She works all hours and never complains. As long as her brothers are happy. 

Clayton returns home on a family emergency. The emergency turns out to be more than anticipated. His parents have been robbed and deceived in more ways than one. Abby is called to the police station where her brother is being held and has her first encounter with Clayton. She is informed of the gravity of his crime and expects the worse. She is proved wrong when Clayton gives him a second chance with strict conditions. She now feels indebted to him and when the opportunity to help him presents itself, she is only too happy to assist.

They start to look forward to see each other and as they spend time together, something starts to blossom. His past stops him from opening up whilst she has a fear of being abandoned. Will they allow their pasts to get in the way of a promising future? 

This novel is mostly about family units. Loving and being loved can make a difference in the most difficult situations. I admire Abby for her love and dedication to her brothers who in turn return that love. Clayton's parents are exemplary. The romance is a gradual build up which ends in a flourish. The Christmas holiday setting is beautifully presented and makes the storyline even more compulsive. It's an engaging and delightful read.

I was kindly issued with an eARC from the publisher via NetGalley and the views expressed are my personal opinion.


As soon as Abby saw the mare, the smile that pulled at her lips displayed her joy. She oohed and
ahhed over the horse.
“Her name is Diamond.”
“Diamond,” Abby repeated as she stroked the horse’s neck. “It fits you.”
The mare had fallen for Abby almost immediately, and Clayton could understand why. There was something about the woman that drew people and animals. She was quiet and unassuming. He suspected that might be because so many people overlooked her. That was their loss because there was so much about Abby that was intriguing.

“You’re staring,” she said as she cut her eyes to him.

Clayton lifted one shoulder in a shrug. “I like what I see.”

She paused in her caress of the mare. Then she took a step back, and then another and another before she turned and walked away.

He frowned as anger spiked through him. He’d moved too fast. Abby was like a spooked mare. He should’ve trodden slowly. Earned her trust first.

When Abby reached the back of the barn, she stopped and looked at him over her shoulder. It was the seductive curve of her lips that halted his thoughts. As soon as she turned the corner, he started after her.

His blood rushed through him in a frenzy before pooling in his cock. With his heart beating furiously, he found her leaning back against the barn.

Clayton stood before her. His palms ached to feel her skin, to hold her glorious curves against him. He couldn’t seem to catch his breath, and as he took a step closer to her, he realized that it had been years since he’d hungered to kiss anyone as he did Abby.

Her lips parted, drawing his attention to her mouth. The longing he’d suppressed for days consumed him. He took the final step that brought their bodies close. The soft light from over the barn couldn’t reach them in the shadows.

He held her gaze and put a hand on her waist before slowly pulling her against him. Her palms landed on his upper arms. Then she lifted her face to him. That’s all it took to push him over the edge.

Clayton lowered his head, her eyes drifting shut right before their lips met. He softly plied her mouth with light kisses until her hands moved up his arms and twined around his neck. When she sighed, he slid his tongue against her lips.

As her mouth opened, and their tongues met, need coursed through him. The desire, the yearning to have her seized him, overwhelmed him as the kiss deepened. He wound one hand into her long hair while his other splayed over her back. With each lick, each sigh, each moan, the hunger grew. Without a doubt, he had to have her. Not because he was in need, but because he ached for her.

But now wasn’t the time. He wouldn’t have their first time together be against the back of the barn in the shadows so no one saw them. He wasn’t ashamed of Abby, and he wanted her to know that. He cared about her.

That in and of itself shocked him, but he accepted it. What choice did he have, really?

Clayton knew he had to end the kiss now before he was past the point of no return. Already he was circling down that drain. He forced himself to pull back. Then he saw her heavy-lidded eyes and the way her chest heaved.

He ran his thumb over her swollen lips and briefly thought of picking her up and riding somewhere where no one could find them. Luckily, there was enough sanity left in him that he was able to keep dominion over his desire.

“Why did you stop?” she asked.

He was glad she didn’t know how easily she could’ve broken through his restraint by simply pulling his head down for another kiss. That’s all it would’ve taken. He wanted her so badly he shook with it.

“I’m already walking a tightrope, Abby,” he confessed. “If I keep kissing you, I won’t stop.”

“I don’t want you to stop.”

He groaned at her husky words. If he wanted to stay in control, he had to reason with her, and he knew just the thing to say.

“You don’t want your brothers finding us, do you?”

Just as he expected, it was as if she were doused with cold water. “Or your parents.”

He forced a smile even as he missed the sexy woman who had been begging for more kisses a moment before. But he’d find her again soon enough. “Exactly.”

“It’s been a long time since I’ve kissed anyone.”

“Their loss. My gain.” And damn if he didn’t feel male pride at having her in his arms.

She glanced at the ground as she smiled. Then her gaze met his as she pulled her hands down to rest on his chest. “Be careful, Clayton East, I might realize you’re a good guy.”

“I can promise you that I’m not.”

Her grin widened. “You’re wrong.”


Donna Grant is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the sizzling Dark King series featuring dragons, immortal Highlanders, and the Fae.

She was born and raised in Texas but loves to travel. Her adventures have taken her throughout the United States as well as to Jamaica, Mexico, and Scotland. Growing up on the Texas/Louisiana border, Donna’s Cajun side of the family taught her the “spicy” side of life while her Texas roots gave her two-steppin’ and bareback riding.

Despite deadlines and voracious reading, Donna still manages to keep up with her two children, four cats, and one long haired Chihuahua.

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Beneath the Lighthouse by Julieanne Lynch - Reveal

Beneath the Lighthouse
Julieanne Lynch
Publication date: TBA
Genres: Horror, Young Adult


Sixteen-year-old Jamie McGuiness’s sister is dead. Sinking into a deep depression, he frequents the lighthouse where her body was discovered, unaware of the sinister forces surrounding him.

When an angry spirit latches onto Jamie, he’s led down a dark and twisted path, one that uncovers old family secrets, destroying everything Jamie ever believed in.

Caught between the world of the living and the vengeful dead, Jamie fights the pull of the other side. It’s up to Jamie to settle old scores or no one will rest in peace—but, first, he has to survive.

Author Bio

Julieanne Lynch is an author of urban fantasy and contemporary fiction for both adults and teens. Julieanne lives in Northern Ireland, with her husband and five children, where she works on novels full-time. Before becoming a writer, she considered a few different career paths, a rock star being one of them. She studied English Literature and Creative Writing at The Open University and considered journalism as a career path. However, she decided writing was the way for her and is thankful for each day she lives her dream.

Julieanne is represented by Italia Gandolfo of Gandolfo Helin & Fountain Literary Management, and is both traditionally and independently published.


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Can't Buy Me love (Seven Inkspell Celebrity Romances) Reveal

Can’t Buy Me Love
Publication date: November 1st 2017
Genres: Adult, Romance

Can’t Buy Me Love

Seven romantic tales of love where royalty, celebrities, and passion meet. A case of mistaken identity, protecting the one you love, or proving you aren’t all about the money…these tales will entice and thrill.

A Royal Pain by Abigail Drake

Getting shot in the bottom turns out to be the best thing to happen to impoverished socialite, Chloe Burkhart in a long time, especially when the prince’s very handsome, very sexy bodyguard, Nicolai, comes to her aid.

Caught by Him by Tammy Mannersly

Blockbuster movie actor, Brody Nash doesn’t quite know what to make of the gorgeous woman precariously perched on his neighbor’s gate, but as they start to get to know each other better, he begins to wonder if she might just be the one for him.

Romancing the Princess by Bridie Hall

A commoner, Sebastian, and Princess Alixandra are set to get married until he begins to wonder if fitting in with royalty is worth sacrificing his principles. Love rules all. Or does it?

All My Memories by Grea Warner

The possibility of reconnecting with an unrequited love leads country music star Finn Murphy on a journey of memories in this special prequel to the Country Roads series.

Me and Tillie by Lisa Hahn

1950s musical film star Oren Cooper returns to Broadway to find new inspiration. Unexpectedly, that inspiration comes in the form of Tillie Parker—his childhood friend’s little sister and an up-and-coming ingΓ©nue.

Defending Demma by Melissa Kaye Clark

When faced with an unsavory past, can Demma St. John, rising new starlet, trust ex-Marine, Ryker “Digger” McMillan, with her secrets and her heart?

His Royal Typeface by Stephanie Keyes

When all is lost, love can be found. Will Prince Asher Tarrington’s unique font design be enough to salvage a royal family and set the tone for true love?


A Royal Pain by Abigail Drake

“Thank you, Nico. For tonight. It meant more than I can ever express…”

My words were cut off when his lips met mine in the sweetest and softest kiss I’d ever imagined. How could someone as big and strong and hard as Nico kiss like this? He made me feel as delicate as the porcelain plates from Grandpa Burkhart, and as valuable.

His large hands cupped my face as the kiss deepened. I covered his hands with mine, stretching on my tiptoes to get closer to him. We broke apart when Ella closed a door from somewhere inside the apartment and called out my name.

“Sissy. Do you know where my new socks are?”

I’d finally gotten her a new uniform, socks and all, and she was setting it out to wear to school tomorrow. “I’ll be right there,” I called out. Nico still stroked my face with his fingers, his eyes on mine. The man was positively hypnotic. He should come with a warning label, Don’t drive or operate heavy machinery after kissing Nicolai Mercia. It could be dangerous.

“Good night, Chloe,” he said, giving me one last brief kiss. “Sleep well.”

Caught by Him by Tammy Mannersly

Even though the Jaguar didn’t stop, Brody took note of Carmody’s look of distaste before she sped away.

“Morning.” He smiled his biggest grin at Willa.

Willa ran the last few steps onto his driveway and then slowed her pace to a walk. “Guess the maid service has come and gone.” She offered him a smirk as she tilted her head in the direction of the convertible.

Brody chuckled and then opened his mouth to correct her, but she quickly cut him off.

“Sorry. Girlfriend.” She propped her hands on her hips. 

“I should’ve realized. It makes sense a guy like you would be taken.”

Intrigued, his gaze narrowed on hers. “A guy like me? What does that mean?”

“You know,” she began to explain matter-of-factly with a nod in his direction, “a guy who cleans his own pool and uses the same pool-cleaning gizmo to protect the neighborhood.”

“Oh, that kind of guy.” He laughed. “You make me sound a B-squad superhero.”

She raised her blonde eyebrows as though agreeing with his suggestion and then shrugged. “If the B-squad superhero costume fits…”

Brody laughed again, before offering her a more serious expression. “She’s not my girlfriend.”

Romancing the Princess by Bridie Hall

Usually, he left before the morning shed light on the consequences of his actions. This time, his insides squeezed at the thought he’d never get to wake up next to Alix again. It wasn’t fair.

“It’s been …” Alix glanced at him and then dropped her gaze. “Well, I need to go through the customs. Boarding will start in half an hour.” Her voice was croaky. It pained him that he couldn’t tell whether from fatigue or emotion.

She leaned into him, soft and supple, and it took his breath away. His arms came around her reflexively. Her bed hair was a stark reminder of what they’d been doing minutes before calling a taxi to take them to the airport.

“This was real, right? I didn’t just dream it?” Seb said.

He couldn’t quite catch what she murmured into his chest.

“I’ll miss you,” he blurted.

She looked up, opening her mouth, but then she pressed her lips together and dropped her gaze to his chest. He forced her face up with his finger under her chin. He kissed her forehead, her cheek and eyelids, her chin and lips, and felt the bitter taste of goodbye intruding on their intimacy.

His mouth on hers seemed to have unlocked something in her because she finally whispered, “I’ll miss you, too.”

When she stepped away, he reached to push a strand of her hair from her face, but her eyes—miserable and dark—flitted to his for a second and then she was gone, walking away from him, and then running, her purse swaying from her shoulder behind her.

All My Memories by Grea Warner

“Ugh—the light. Why is it so bright?” I squinted my eyes and threw my forearm across them.

I felt like I was in a vacuum. There was a low buzzing sound in my ears. No, it was more like my head.

When I finally adjusted to my surroundings, I realized I was in my bed. The sheets were tousled and thrown. The pillows laid haphazardly on the floor. I could hear some of my fraternity brothers talking in the nearby lounge. I could tell it was probably closer to mid-day than morning by the slightest ray of light that beamed a little too brightly through the crack in the window’s drapes. 

My stomach swished a little. And then I remembered. I remembered the night before.

“Oh, geez. Oh, God. Lara,” I mumbled to myself.
What had I been thinking?

Me and Tillie by Lisa Hahn

“I’d like a glass of champagne and a whiskey sour.” With two fingers, he waved the bartender to lean closer. 

When the other man complied, Oren inconspicuously slipped him a five-dollar bill. “Dress a ginger ale up like a whiskey sour. Orange, cherry, the works.”

The bartender tucked the money into his pocket and nodded. “A champagne and a whiskey sour, coming right up.”

Oren leaned on the bar and looked back to Tillie. He’d nearly stumbled earlier when he first saw her in that dress. The vibrant red satin brought out the creaminess of her pale complexion, stunning him with her flawlessness. Her blonde hair had been swept off her face to reveal the round cheekbones, upturned nose, and bow-shaped lips of a starlet.

Oren scrubbed a hand over his face and turned back to the bar. God, he wanted her. But bringing her up to his room would be a bad idea. All her bright-eyed optimism would be wasted for a frivolous one-night affair. If he could give her more, he would. He knew he would. But not now. Not when he felt so broken.

Defending Demma by Melissa Kay Clarke

Several seconds passed as he fought to get his body under control. Finally, he blew out a breath and shook his head with a grin. “As much as I would love to spend all day showing you just how appreciative I am of your delectable body, we have things to do.” He motioned toward the tray. “Be a good girl, finish your breakfast, get your shower, and come in the computer room. I have something to show you.” “Or you can stay here, and I can show you something,” Demma cooed.

“Temptress.” Demma ran a finger down between her sheet-clad breasts and eyed him wantonly. “If I’m going to be labeled a temptress, I might as well embrace the role,” she purred throatily. She watched as his eyes widened and followed the slow journey of her fingers.

With a growl, he took a step back and shook his head. 

“Woman! What you do to me,” he gasped then closed his eyes.

After a moment, he opened them and grinned. “Later, you can show me just how well you play that role. But for now, we have things to do. I think I may have figured out who’s behind the blackmail.

His Royal Typeface by Stephanie Keyes

Jumping, Bailey gripped the railing and turned, sucking in a breath. It was him. Asher. The man who would one day be king. But also, Jenson. He was each and all of those things at once. His hair was close-cropped and golden, his eyes an unsettling shade of blue that burned straight into her soul.

“All this time we’ve been working together and I didn’t know who you were.” Her cheeks burned. “And I asked you to think royal. I bet you and your staff got a real charge out of that one.”

Some instinct kicked on inside Bailey. Locking her jaw, she managed a stiff curtsy. “Your Highness.”

“Bailey, please. Stop curtsying.” He waved her off and walked to the edge of his own balcony, a too-close neighbor of her own. He could have climbed from his balcony to hers if he wanted, without endangering himself in the slightest. “I didn’t laugh at you. I didn’t do this to get a rise out of you or make fun of you.”

“Then why did you? Why on Earth would a crown prince ever need a job?” She gestured to the gardens and the sea and all of the luxury that sat at Prince Asher’s feet.

“I have my reasons.” A worry line creased the bridge of his nose. If he was being sincere, Bailey was hardly one to judge. He seemed sincere, though. What would it hurt to give him a chance to explain himself?

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A Monster Like Me (#2 Heart of Darkness) Pamela Sparkman Reveal

A Monster Like Me
Pamela Sparkman
(Heart of Darkness, #2)
Publication date: Spring 2018
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

“I love the peculiar silence of shadows. They exist, but leave no mark.”

Zeph had been a child, thrust into a war that wasn’t his. When he was older, he discovered he had landed on the wrong side of everything.

He’d been fighting for sweet revenge, because of lies he’d believed—and those lies proved to be his ruin. Falling into despair, Zeph decides living is too painful. So, he writes his final act with poison and chooses to end his story.

But Fate has other plans for Zeph and when he finds himself in the hands of his enemies, he has to decide: Does he want to live? Or does he want to die?

Or maybe that choice is no longer his to make.

Ruled by shadows and armed with secrets he never intended to share, Zeph will be put through his toughest battle yet: the war within himself.

“He isn’t a lost cause. He’s just—lost.”

That’s what Arwyn believes. She sees the monster he has become, but what she also sees is someone worth fighting for. Armed with secrets of her own, she’s determined to help Zeph fight his demons, because there was more on the line than Zeph’s soul. So much more.

Revenge may be sweet. But redemption is sweeter. The question is, can Zeph find the boy he used to be, or will he always believe that no one could ever love—a monster like him.

“You are everything good. And I am everything children are afraid of.”

Sequel to

Author Bio

Pamela Sparkman grew up in Alabama. She became an avid reader at a young age. The written word has always fascinated her and she wrote her first short story while still in elementary school.

Inspiration for her stories always begins with a song. She believes music is the pulse of life and books are the heart of it.
When she isn’t writing, however, she’s spending time with her family and taking one day at a time.


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Tajael (#1 Fallen Angels) Alisa Woods

Author                       Alisa Woods 
Publication Date     16 October 2017
Genre                         Adult Paranormal Romance


I am an angeling of the light, Protector class, assigned to Guardian Duty… and I am Tempted.

A war brews in the immortal realms, between the Angels of Light—created to love and protect humanity—and their ancient enemy, the Fae. The Fae have created a demon plague to stop the humans and their technology from invading the immortal realms. I’m tasked with protecting a beautiful scientist who may do exactly that… but this duty is fraught with danger. Not due to the demons who hunt her but because a Fall from Lust will plunge me into shadow. I’ve already been marked by the darkness of that realm—and I’ve vowed never to return.


I’m a scientist, a physicist, a woman of reason… and I don’t believe in angels.

My Ex broke me in ways I didn’t even know I could break. But I’ve moved on and put the nightmares behind me. Now I have work to do, a theory to test, and a billionaire lined up to fund my experiments. If I’m successful, it will change the world. Everything’s finally coming together—then my co-worker attacks me, my hot neighbor saves me, and suddenly, I’m wondering if there’s more to my theories about an extra-dimensional world than I ever suspected…

In a war that threatens mortals and immortals alike, the Angels of Light vow to protect humanity… but they will be tempted by the sweet promise of Love.

FALLEN ANGELS is a follow-on series from the bestselling FALLEN IMMORTALS series. It contains sexy hot angels of light—and shadow—and only readers over 18 should dip into the sinfully delicious world of the Fallen Angels series.

Tajael is the first book in the Fallen Angels series, a follow on to the Fallen Immortals series. This can be read as a standalone, but to get a full grasp of the concept behind the war in the immortal realm, it would be beneficial to read the previous series.

Tajael is an angeling of light. Half angel and half human. He is a guardian and protector of the humankind. Falling for a human could send him into the shadows with the angels of the dark.

Charlotte is a brilliant scientist, working on a project to explore the viability of the existence of other dimensions. If only she knew!

Tajael is tasked with being Charlotte's guardian angel whilst she works on her experiments. Experiments which could benefit humankind and immortals, if successful. She is unaware of Tajael's presence until he comes to her rescue in the guise of a human security guard. After her ordeals with her ex husband, she is wary of men and that's not the case with Tajael. He is quite drawn to her, but is afraid of being carried away by lust and thrown into the shadows. Should this happen, he would be unable to protect Charlotte and that's something he would rather avoid. Being near her is better than having someone else guarding her.

The faes and shadow angels are still intent on destroying humankind, using other supernatural beings to their advantage. The demonic epidemy keeps spreading. Charlotte becomes a target and when her life is in danger, Tajael throws all cautions to the wind. Can he save her and realise his dream or will he end up on the wrong side?

This is a good introduction to the Fallen Angels series. The pace is slower than in the previous series, but doesn't lack in action and sex. It's a great concept with the blend of science and the supernatural.

Alisa Woods lives in the Midwest with her husband and family, but her heart will always belong to the beaches and mountains where she grew up. She writes sexy paranormal romances about alpha men and the women who love them. She enjoys exploring the struggles we all have, where we resist–and succumb to–our most tempting vices as well as our greatest desires. She firmly believes that love triumphs over all.

The Walker Security Series by Lisa Renee Jones - Preorder & Cover Reveal


The WALKER SECURITY series continues with two new standalone titles


*This is a standalone book, as with the other books in the Walker Security series you do not have to read the entire series to enjoy this book.

Kyle, one of the alpha men of Walker Security, is hot, bothered, and intense, and when Myla lands in his line of fire, she'll soon learn her secrets, and her passion, belong to him.

Myla is beautiful, a dove with clipped wings, captive by the wolf, a rich and powerful man. One look into her eyes and Kyle could see the pain, the fear... the desperation. Or so it seems. He's been fooled before by a woman and it cost him everything and everyone he loved. He won't be fooled again.

This title will return to all platforms in two weeks!


He is blond, tattooed, and dangerous. She's as beautiful as she is mysterious and could be his destruction...

Asher wasn't always a member of the elite Walker Security team, he was a billionaire's son, who rebelled against his father's controlling hand, and ended up in New York City's underground of drugs, rock n roll, and danger. But that is long behind him, and while his tattoos and long blond hair remain, he's now a chameleon, far more comfortable in a suit and tie than a leather jacket.

Or so he likes to tell himself.

But now Walker Security needs him back inside the underground club scene for a police case they're working. Women are dying, murdered, and the clock is ticking until another victim is claimed. When Asher is pulled back into this toxic world he meets Sierra, who is as beautiful as she is mysterious. A woman who calls to a darker side of him, long suppressed, unleashing it in what becomes wicked hot passion and obsession. But Sierra has a secret, one that leads her, and Asher, to a dangerous place, and game, with dangerous players, and the game is about life or death.



Ex-special forces, Jacob King, is a man who keeps to himself, having learned the hard way that letting people close to you, trusting them, might just get you killed. A lesson he learned when members of his Special Ops team turned dirty, while others, men he considered friends, died. He made them pay. He made them hurt. He put them in jail. And so he doesn't trust anyone anymore. He keeps his women hot and fast, his friends few to none, and his clients through the elite Walker Security at a professional distance, but safe.

It works for him. Until it doesn't.

His newest job should be simple and cut and dry. Jewel Carpenter, the daughter of the CEO of Carpenter Enterprises, is receiving death threats. He's to protect her and find out who is issuing the treats.

Simple. Cut and Dry.

Until it's not.

Until the chemistry between he and Jewel is all about love, hate, and sex. But even as he fights the attraction to Jewel and discovers there is more to her than meets the eye, the real threat comes not from the threats she's receiving, but the connection she has to him. Because his past has come full circle, and those men he's made pay for their sins now want him to pay. And what better way than the woman in his bed?


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