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Steel (#3 The Trinity) J L Lora - Blog Tour


by J.L. Lora

The Trinity, #3
Publication Date: March 6, 2018
Genres: Adult, Romantic Suspense, Cartel, Organized Crime



Only the Devil you know has the power to really hurt you.

Strong, daring, and loyal to a fault, Amelia Solis is the soul of The Trinity. Yet, this leader of New Yorks top cartel has become a pawn in the game of revenge. All to hurt Leandro, the man she wants more than life but cannot be with.

The enemy's always watching, biding his time.

Leandro Masseur, Lieutenant in the McLean crime family, earned his position through loyalty, shrewd business, and ruthlessness. His enemies never see the bullet until it's ready to lodge between their eyes. When a dead woman is found in Amelia's bed, his world is flipped off its axis.

Their Devil knows what buttons to push.

Four women will die before a killer finishes a macabre target list, with Amelia as his crown piece. Leandro and Amelia must dodge the barrage of bullets and bombs to keep her safe. Tragedy has left them scarred and broken. But love won't be denied, won't wait, and Leandro won't stop fighting for a chance. The only woman he's ever loved has been marked for death. Leandro won't let that happen.



5 Stars

Trinity. Three best friends and "Sisters in Arms" live in a dangerous world, where one of them is the main target of a maniac.

Mel is the only one of the Trinity who remains single. It's a choice she made as a result of her life experiences.

Leo used to play the field until he met Mel who captivated him, body, heart and soul, but he can only live in hope for she refuses to commit.

After attending the wedding of one of her "sisters", Mel receives a message from a friend in need and makes a quick exit. She is then faced with a tragedy that takes her back in time and she becomes inconsolable. Upon hearing the news, Leo follows, and as much as she resists, he is determined to be there for her. This is only the beginning though! Their nemesis makes it obvious that he has a plan for Mel and he means business. He is driven by hatred and revenge and won't stop until he hurts Leo. His methods are barbaric and he leaves a trail of horror, all related to Mel and Leo. He is very unpredictable! Can he be stopped?

Mel and Leo's feelings are intense, but watching them fight these feelings made me giddy until they got their act together. They both have their reasons. Their loyalty is fierce and they are overprotective. They would die for those they love. 

This novel is profound and full of suspense. It's well paced and danger is around every corner. It's sensual and passionate, but there are heartaches too. The build up to the conclusion is nerve wracking and compelling. Love and loyalty triumph! 

I was kindly issued with an ARC and the views expressed are my personal opinion.



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J. L. Lora is a Dominican-American author. Her stories explore the dark side of good characters, people living in the gray areas of life while playing the cards life has dealt them. She loves strong heroines and their equally powerful Men. She currently lives in Maryland, pursuing her dream of writing compelling, sexy, cant-put-down stories about empowered, badass alpha heroines and take-your-breath-away alpha heroes

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