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Love or Fame (#2 Nantucket Sisters) Zoe Conner

Title: Love or Fame

Author: Zoe Conner

Genre: Sweet Romance

Cover Designer:
 Designed by Kris Norris

Publication Date: June 18th, 2018

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They met in Paris…

A chance reunion—then he was gone.

Sweet Sabrina loves her quiet island life creating art.

She fell hard for a Hollywood actor.

Was their whirlwind relationship real or a fantasy?

Jason comes back with his entourage…including an ex.

Sabrina is the woman of his dreams but he’s not sure she can handle his celebrity.

4 Stars

This second chance romance is compact, but very well presented. The family values and support, including the meddling and matchmaking make for an enticing read.

Sabrina is a wealthy heiress and a very talented artist. 

Jason comes from a poor background and is now a successful and renowned actor. 

The summer holidays is looming on the beautiful Nantucket Island and Sabrina is getting ready for the annual art exposition where new artists get a chance to exhibit their work. Her heart is not really in it this time for she is still moping about her lost love.

Jason's career is taking off with bang as an actor and even though he hasn't contacted Sabrina, she is constantly on his mind. He decides to take a break to visit his friend in Nantucket with the hope that he can rekindle his relationship with Sabrina. Unfortunately, he is no longer in her family's good books and his co star is causing havoc about their supposed relationship. Sabrina offers to be friends, especially with his involvement in the forthcoming happy event. Can they get past the gossips and their different worlds to give themselves a second chance at a happy ending? 

This is a delightful romance where family stand up for one another. Sabrina's and Jason's love is palpable despite all their apprehensions. Sabrina's sister Veronica makes this story even more interesting. It's a short, sweet and enchanting read. 

Obsessed with Jane Austen and Downton Abbey, Zoe writes modern day stories of intense love with strong yet complicated characters. She loves being near the water and island living is a dream. Her writing is supervised by demanding feline critics. A small-town recluse, Zoe travels rarely for family visits but explores the world through her stories.

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Love or Land

Love or Fame

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Superhero High by T H Hernandez - Book Blitz

Superhero High
T.H. Hernandez
Published by: Soul Mate Publishing
Publication date: July 5th 2018
Genres: Adventure, Science Fiction, Young Adult

Sixteen-year-old Annarenee Stevens is the sole member of her family without a super power. The only time she feels powerful is in the pool. With her sights set on swimming for U.C. Berkeley, she’s ready to win it all at the State championship and secure her future.

When the government unexpectedly ends the secret Genetically Enhanced Asset (GEA) program, Annarenee is uprooted from Dayton, the only home she’s ever known, and relocated to San Diego with all of the other GEA families. Queen of her public school, Annarenee is just another zero at Superhero High, a school without any sports teams.

With the end of the program, her hero older brother now needs a college education, too, meaning the only way Annarenee is getting into Berkeley is on a scholarship. Her dream is slipping through her fingers, no matter how tightly she clings to it. To make matters worse, super hot superhero, Ren Gonzalez, is paying too much attention to her. The kind of attention that has Ren’s ex-girlfriend intent on making Annarenee’s life even more miserable.

But when heroes begin disappearing, zeros and heroes will be forced to team up in order to solve the mystery. If they don’t kill each other first.


Smith slides in beside me and drapes his arm around me, kissing the side of my head.

Ryan glances over his shoulder before backing up. “You guys are coming tonight, right?”

“Wouldn’t miss it,” Smith answers for both of us.

The drive to my house is less than five minutes. On the way Smith leans in and whispers in my ear, “Anyone going to be home?”

I shake my head then wonder if I should have lied. 

Smith’s been hinting more frequently that he wants to have sex. We’ve been dating for three months, but unlike Smith, I’m not ready. Call me old-fashioned, but I want my first time to be special. I like Smith, he’s cute, popular, and funny, but I’m not in love with him. Plus, I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t keep secrets from the person you share the most intimate part of yourself with, and I’m keeping a huge secret from Smith.

We pull up in front of my house, and Smith and I hop out, grabbing our stuff from the back.

“I’ll call you later,” Ronny yells as Ryan roars off.

I wave as they turn the corner and disappear, nerves twisting in my belly as Smith takes my hand. I glance at him, my gaze drawn to his crystal blue eyes beneath messy-wild blond hair. Smith moved here last summer and rapidly became one of the most popular guys in our class. He’s always tan and his body is cut, a result of time spent in the pool or surfing in his native Florida. Every single girl in our school, and possibly even a few with boyfriends, would be thrilled to have my problem. I need to figure this out soon before he decides he’s tired of waiting.

Smith guides me up the walkway toward the porch, and I wonder how far I can let him go this time before I put on the brakes.

Our front door opens and two men dressed in black suits, white button-ups, black ties, and sunglasses exit our house. The taller of the two seems to size me up behind his dark lenses before he nods and passes. I turn and watch them get into a black Escalade parked across the street.

My brother, Noah, cruises up and parks his vintage blue Mustang convertible in the driveway. He climbs out, his eyes glued to the SUV as it pulls away from the curb.

Smith snorts. “What are the Blues Brothers doing here?”

I don’t share his humor and instead turn toward my brother, eyebrows raised in silent question.

Noah shakes his head, and inside my own head, I hear, “I don’t know, they were blocking me.”

A chill runs through me starting in the pit of my stomach. It’s not unusual to get a visit from the Men in Black, but my parents should be at work, and Noah should still be at his school for another couple of hours. Something is wrong.

Don’t panic, AR,” Noah says in my head.

I turn to Smith, “Um, I’ll call you later, okay? Pick me up at eight?”

He leans in and kisses my cheek. “Sure. Wear something sexy.” He smiles and waggles his eyebrows.

Douchebag,” Noah says only to me before heading inside.

Author Bio

T.H. Hernandez is the author of young adult books. The Union, a futuristic dystopian adventure, was a finalist in the 2015 San Diego book awards in the Young Adult Fiction category.

She loves pumpkin spice lattes, Game of Thrones, Comic-Con, Star Wars, Doctor Who marathons, Bad Lip Reading videos, and all things young adult, especially the three young adults who share her home.

When not visiting the imaginary worlds inside her head, T.H. Hernandez lives in usually sunny San Diego, California with her husband and three children, a couple of cats, and a dog who thinks he’s a cat, affectionately referred to as “the puppycat.”

You can find her online at

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Alpha (#3 The Infinity Division) Jus Accardo - Book Blitz

Jus Accardo
(The Infinity Division #3)
Published by: Entangled: Teen
Publication date: July 3rd 2018
Genres: Science Fiction, Young Adult

“A fun YA sci-fi story with a compelling cast of characters.” —Kirkus Reviews on Infinity

Sera is the obsession of a killer chasing a ghost. G is a soldier with too much blood on his hands.

Dylan lost the only person he ever loved—and will stop at nothing to get her back.

In a whirlwind chase that takes them back to where it all started, Sera, G, and Dylan will have to confront their demons—both physical and mental—and each other, in order to win their freedom.


The rain stopped, and the wind outside had settled, leaving an uncomfortable silence in its wake. I didn’t have a problem with the quiet. I liked it, in fact. But this was something a little different. This was uncomfortable. The kind of stillness that came from forced proximity to someone or something that made your skin itch and your stomach roil. The kind of hush that usually set in right before a devastating storm or a natural disaster.

He did this sometimes. Just sat across from me and stared. He usually wouldn’t even say anything. I didn’t think he expected me to say anything, either. He just looked.

Sometimes it lasted a few minutes, just long enough to send that chill skittering up and down my spine. Other times it would go on for hours. He’d blink and breathe and fidget, but his eyes…those remained locked on me, his unhealthy mix of sadness and lust and greed and anger crushing me to the point of breathlessness.

We were at it again, and I was just about out of patience. It was one thing to have been ripped away from my home, from my life, by that madwoman, Cora Anderson. It was another to have her poke and prod and use me as a science experiment. She’d altered my mind. Made me forget most of my life before the day I woke up a prisoner on the floor of her cold, dank cell. Those things were all bad, but having been “rescued” by this bastard and forced to stay by his side at all times? That was an entirely new level of torture.

“You’re thinking about him again, aren’t you?” His tone was acidic and his jaw tight. He had a temper, this guy. I’d seen it multiple times. He’d never done anything more than scream at me, but it was only a matter of time with people like this. I wasn’t sure how I knew that, but I felt it in my bones. Maybe I’d known someone like him at home. Maybe it was just intuition.

“Yes,” was all I replied. I found that simple, one-word responses went over the best.

Or, more accurately, the worst. When I said too little, he grew agitated. He wanted me to talk to him, yet the things that came out of my mouth weren’t ever what he wanted to hear. I didn’t act like he’d hoped I would, didn’t say the things he longed to hear. Some days he was determined to change me. Others, he was rabid, blaming me for not behaving like myself and demanding that I wake up.

Forget that I had no idea who I was.

“While it’s not okay, I understand.” He offered me a smile—a small, tentative twitch of his lips and gentle shrug of his shoulders. He was making an effort to be kinder today, going out of his way to speak softer and move slower.

That made me even angrier.

“You understand? Then my life is complete. All I’ve ever wanted was the understanding of a serial killer.” Even if I hadn’t been thinking about…someone else, I would have lied. The fact that I wasn’t focused on him, and him alone, drove Dylan—my savior, my captor—crazy. But the truth was, I was thinking of him. That other him. How could I not?

Even if I didn’t find myself missing him every moment of every day in an almost physical way, I wouldn’t be able to put him out of my mind because he was technically sitting here across from me.

Author Bio

JUS ACCARDO spent her childhood reading and learning to cook. Determined to follow in her grandfather's footsteps as a chef, she applied and was accepted to the Culinary Institute of America. But at the last minute, she realized her true path lay with fiction, not food.

Jus is the bestselling author of the popular Denazen series from Entangled publishing. A native New Yorker, she lives in the middle of nowhere with her husband, three dogs, and sometimes guard bear, Oswald.

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The Prize (#1 The ICON Trilogy) Vanessa Fewings - Blog Tour

Title: The Prize (The ICON Trilogy #3) 

Author: Vanessa Fewings 

Genre: Erotic Romance 

Release Date: July 1, 2018 

A life she never imagined...and a love she can’t deny.

Zara Leighton has risked everything to track down the elusive art thief known as Icon, only to discover him already in her arms: the billionaire tech genius—and her lover—Tobias Wilder. Zara wants to resist Tobias, to deny his fiercely sexy smile and their sizzling chemistry. But instead, she agrees to help him one more time.

Tobias will do anything to protect Zara, but he needs her for one last ultimate job: a job that will clear both their names and grant them a future together... if they can pull it off.

The danger is real. The stakes are unbelievably high. But when it comes to love, there’s only one prize that matters…

5 Stars

This finale has definitely been worth the wait. A prize in itself! It nicely picks up from where it left off in the previous book. The Icon Trilogy comes to a sublime finish in The Prize.

Tobias and Zara are now on a new quest. To do so, they have to put some of the past occurrences behind them. Even though Zara is eager to achieve this goal, she remains full of doubts whereas Tobias is his cool and collected self, confident of his plans.

With their new discovery which is part of Zara's past and her future aspirations, she teams up with Tobias and in the process, gains confidence in herself. She is no longer the wallflower, but a courageous and protective woman instead. Her only problem is her constant internal debates. Trust doesn't come easy to her. 

Tobias will do anything for her. Even putting his own life and reputation on the line. He is  one of the most enigmatic and magnetic characters that I have ever come across. One can't help, but love him. His achievements, both in science and in art are beyond belief.

The relationship between Tobias and Zara is passionate and sizzling hot. The depth of their love is unrivalled. There are times when their relationship is threatened by the unscrupulous Burrell family. They play a dangerous game where their lives are in danger, but the way they support each other sets the heart thumping. In these situations, they put each other's welfare and safety above their own. Despite Zara's doubts and mistrust, she sticks by her man, but there is a bit of a scare towards the end. Surely not. Not now. Will she overcome these shortcomings and give Tobias a chance to have their happily ever after? 

This book starts off slowly and gradually builds up to a climatic zenith.  The suspense throughout kept me at the edge of my seat. Their selfless love and sexual chemistry are enthralling. It's both compulsive and addictive. Loved it.

Vanessa Fewings is the USA TODAY bestselling author of the ENTHRALL SESSIONS.

THE CHASE is the first in her sizzling new romantic trilogy from HQN Books and will be released in June 2017, followed by THE GAME & THE PRIZE.

Vanessa is also the author of The Stone Masters Vampire Series. Prior to publishing, Vanessa worked as a registered nurse and midwife. She holds a Masters Degree in Psychology. She has traveled extensively throughout the world and has lived in Great Britain, Germany, Hong Kong, Cyprus and the USA. 

Born and raised in England, Vanessa now proudly calls herself an American and resides in California with her husband.

The Bestselling Enthrall Sessions reading order can be found on

Instagram: @vanessafewings

The Bestselling Enthrall Sessions - reading order can be found on
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Hardwired by Andrea Bills - Cover Reveal

Andrea Bills
Publication date: September 1st 2018
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense

When Navy Seal Operative Luke Kiersey is finally granted leave after five years, he finds himself driving to a house he doesn’t recognize in a town he’s never been to. 

The house is home to a beautiful woman and a little girl with big blue eyes. Day after day, he drives back only to hide in the shadows and wonder why he can’t seem to walk away from them.

His therapist says is PTSD.

His handler tells him he’s just not cut out to be part of the civilian world.

Luke can’t help but feel like it’s more.

The dog tags that once hung proudly around his neck, now feel like a collar; leashing him to a life that he fears he didn’t choose. After the terrible things he’s done in the name of freedom, could he possibly be worthy of something as precious as the woman and child he continues to watch?

When the two worlds collide, Luke needs his mind to be stronger than the implant the government placed in his back. 

They’ve told him he can’t survive without the implant they use to control him, but Luke’s wondering if he can survive without the little girl with big blue eyes and the gorgeous woman she calls mamma.

Author Bio

Andrea is a wife, mother and writer from small town West Virginia. She spends her time while she's not dreaming up lovers and villains alike chasing after her two kids and husband.

Her overactive imagination and her husband's wacky dreams attribute to her love of the written word. Guilty pleasures include reading all night and Reese Cups.