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Sing for Me (A Sinful Serenade Prequel) Crystal Kaswell

Crystal Kaswell 

Publication Date 
23 January 2017

Contemporary Romance 

We’ve never met and he doesn’t know that I exist. 

But he's the only person who can comfort me. 

He’s the only person who understands how this hurts. 

His lyrics keep me from falling apart. And they pull me closer. 

I’m falling for the man who’s plucking every one of my heartstrings. 

I’m falling for Miles Webb. And I’m content to keep lusting after a stranger. 

Until we meet. 

And he wants me. 

Rock star Miles Webb is offering to take my virginity. 

Holy sh*t. 

Sing for Me is a Sinful Serenade Prequel. This book begins before Sing Your Heart Out and contains some scenes from the first few chapters of Sing Your Heart Out from Miles's POV. It can be read before or after reading Sing Your Heart Out.


Sing for Me is a short prelude to the first book in The Sinful Serenade Series. It's a good appetiser which piqued my interest enough for me to want to know how the story develops.

Miles is the soulful lead singer of the Sinful Serenade band. He has the bad boy persona, but his songs speak of pain and loss. 

Meg is a student who has just lost someone very close to her. She is striken with grief and is struggling to keep going. 

Meg has lost interest with more or less everything she once enjoyed doing. Her loss is so great and painful that she just about manages to go through the motions. Music is one of her escapes and one song in particular speaks to her. She feels that the singer understands her grief and is singing to her. She doesn't know him, but somehow, she feels his pain through his lyrics. 

Meg's best friend talks her into attending a party and it's her first step to reconnect to the real world. She isn't really enjoying the party and she accidently open the wrong door where she gets a full view of Miles ready for action!

Miles is intrigued by the shy Meg and when he spots her in the crowd, he can't resist talking to her. He realises that it's not an act and instead of pawing him like every other girl, she just stares and keeps her distance. He is more curious than ever and circumstances lead him to giving her a lift home. It's an awkward situation. Will he get the opportunity to see her again and discover the "real" Meg? 

This prequel is very well portrayed and easy to read. The emotions are palpable and the end has left me wanting to read Meg's and Miles' story. 

I was kindly issued with an eARC and the views expressed are my personal opinion.

Crystal Kaswell writes fun, sexy new adult romances with damaged heroes and the strong women who unlock their hearts.

She is a USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestseller. Her best known series are Sinful Serenade and Dangerous noise–both follow the men in a rock band the the women they love. She adores writing bad boys, alpha males, and tortured heroes (and sometimes men who are all three).
Her weaknesses include dark chocolate, homemade chai lattes, Netflix marathons, and tattooed men in skinny jeans (especially if they’re wearing eyeliner). She is a diehard defender of pop-punk music, the present tense, and Katniss Everdeen.

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