Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Pranked by Love by Sunniva Dee

Sunniva Dee 

Publication Date 
26 February 2019

New Adult RomCom

Two households, both alike in dignity... hit a serious snag in their ongoing prank war last semester.

The Blossoms of #246 and the Dudes of #247 each lost a member to flippin' Love. (Insert eye-roll here.)

The lovebirds/turncoats now plan to move out of their houses and in with each other. But true prankster talents like Kitty are few and far between, so the remaining Blossoms are going to make damn sure there's no shacking up before Kitty has the perfect replacement for herself.

The Blossoms and the Dudes agree on very little, but everyone agrees on this: there can be no more pranks-turned-loversbetween the two arch-fratenemy houses.
Yep, everyone agrees.
Almost everyone.

5 Stars 

The second installment of this series is much more intense than the first one. Besides, being funny, it's romantic, thrilling and full of suspense and surprises. The pranks between the Dudes and the Blossoms are taken to a different level. 

Saki is a Blossom who lives by statistics. She is clever and mischievous. 

Orion/Picasso is an Art student who lives his life to the full. He is also very talented at many things. He is pretty good with his hands! 

The Dudes and Blossoms can have one night stands with each other, but no more. It's one of the house rules. Orion has set his sight on Saki and not much can deter him. Even the strict rules! After a moonlight visit, Orion and Saki don't stop there, their secret "impromptu" meetings get more and more frequent. Their love starts to blossom until Saki is set up and their relationship comes to a halt. Will Orion ever be able to get over what's happened and give Saki a break? 

The fist part of this story is a gradual build up to the compulsive second part. The traitor has succeeded in setting doubts among the Blossoms and between the Blossoms and the Dudes. Things don't look good and what's happening could come between Orion and Saki forever. The heat is on. 

I really like the caring side of Orion as well as all his other "talents". Even though Saki has a competitive streak, she is sweet and loyal to her cause. She sticks her neck out to corner the traitor and salvage what the two houses live for. Once I got to the dramatic part of this book, I was unable to put it down. It's a compelling read. 

I was kindly issued with an eARC and the views expressed are my personal opinion.

Sunniva Dee is an Amazon top 100 bestselling author with an eclectic taste in books. Born and raised in Norway, Sunniva lived in the United States for 17 years before returning to the mothership. She currently dwells at the midst of a glittering Nordic winter, where she sucks inspiration from trolls and barn gnomes and cold little mermaids popping their heads out of the fjords. Oh, and Spotify. Always Spotify.

Sunniva dabbles in literary romance, romantic comedy, contemporary romance, young adult fiction, new adult fiction, dark romance, and paranormal. Unlike some authors, she was not raised by fairies, and unlike others, she’s not also a musician. But she boasts a ridiculous sense of humor and an obsession with furry mammals, both evident in the #1 bestseller, the rom-com Love by Pranks. She’s currently finishing up book 2 in the #LovePranks series, which releases February 26th. Join Sunniva’s newsletter to be the first in the know about new releases: Newsletter

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